Casino Wants Me to Fax Bank Statements?


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Mar 19, 2001
I made a withdraw from a Microgaming casino back in the middle of April. My Cashcheck statement shows that there are several refunds to my card. I received some of this money but not all. The amounts received are different from the amounts listed on the statement but I know that these refunds are from this casino. The casino wants me to fax them my entire statement to date. I do not want anybody, especially a casino to see all my transactions. When there is a double charge, it's not a problem as you can blackout everything except the double transaction. Can't do that when you have to show you didn't get a credit. So, what would you do?
Send them a summary of the transactions which involve them. They may not like that but you really don't need to give them any more information than is necessary.

If they insist, tell them you will charge them for the inconvenience.
That won't work Spear, they want to see that I didn't get a credit. That entails looking at all transactions.
So tell them you will charge them for the inconvenience. There isn't any easy way to do this.

Alternatively, you might ask them if they will allow a third party to do the verification, or perhaps a notarized statement that says the notary verifies x transactions for y dollars from z merchant.
Another problem as you all know is that transactions from different casinos that use the same ecash provider will show up the same on a bank statement. This adds complications to my problem.

Well, you're going to have to sort through that... total up all the Cashcheck amounts from the various casinos, then total up all the refunds from that ecommerce provider.

Then ask the casinos for a copy of their audit log, which should show that they did manual transactions to process each refund according to a deposit you made previously.

Once you've got that, the missing transaction should show up.
Ask your credit card company for a statment just showing the transactions from that one ecash provider.

I have had the same problem at a MG casino with (yes proc-cyber).

Prior to agreeing to send such information I requested (and they can give it you) a listing of the specific "ticket numbers" for the credits as issued by the processor bank to the receiving bank. It takes a while (but they can get them and will if you push them) and the bank can then verify the credits against the ticket numbers which will distinguish between credits from different casinos using the same ecash company.


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