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Nov 27, 2006
Hey all, I'm wondering if anybody has had experiences with Casino Vega regarding their depositing and withdrawal policy. Basically I'm in a predicament now because I have $626 dollars there but I'm not allowed to withdraw because I haven't deposited for 14 days, but I'm also not allowed to deposit because I have more than $25 in my account! According to their rules, my money is basically stuck in limbo. Before signing up for CasinoVega, I read at another casino review site that they promised this would not happen. Support so far has been very unhelpful, answering 3 of my tickets and complaints with a copy and paste of the rules.

I emailed the floorman but have not yet received a response, so will wait a day or two before calling them up. I'm just wondering if anyone has had experiences with them, and whether they've been resolved nicely. Also, I have been paid $1500 by them already ($500 a week) but this last $626 seems to be a problem since I cancelled part of the withdrawal to play some more and submitted a new one. I also did not receive any bonus but fulfilled the WR anyway, so I expected slightly better treatment for not being a bonus abuser.
Minor update on this issue in case someone can shed some light or maybe even CM himself can help.

"I am sorry for the delay in response. I was trying to bargain with the BIG bosses to let me approve your withdrawl. Since it clearly states in the rules 14 days and you are well over 30 they will not let this budge. They may cut a deal with you? Do you have any suggestions?

Please let me know. I apologize for this confusion.


CV Mike "

He wants to strike a bargain/cut a deal with me? WTF? For $600 bucks? This is absurd. He failed to mention that the only reason I'm well over 30 days is because it took them 7 days to process my old withdrawal, and then 21 days to get paid $1500 at $500 a pop. They are delaying the process, and pretty much putting the blame on me. I'd rather get this casino blacklisted and spread bad publicity than cut some deal where I get my deposit back or something.
Their cash out policy is very complicated, but if you follow it strictly, you´ll get paid without problems. You just have to request the cash out for the full amount in 14 days after depositing, or you won´t be able to withdraw.

I deposited $300, played BJ and Roulette to fullfill WR of generous sign-up bonus and then requested cash out for my full $1,200 balance. They paid it accordingly $500 per week as they state in their cash out policy. It took 72h hours only Mo, Wed and Fri counting after the cash out moved from pending to approved status. Support told me that this is policy with cash outs over $500 (not written on their website).

So don´t play here if you want to play long term in one place or if you want to have fast cash outs. Software is pretty horrible too. Their sign-up bonus is generous thou. So basically only hit&run is possible with this casino.
Well after a few more emails I get this response, which I thought I'd share since the problem seems to be cleared and I'll be receiving my money soon. I don't want to spread negative publicity falsely, though I'd still be awfully wary of the two week rule if you plan on having big wins.
Hello !
First of all I thank-you for taking the time to write this email!
You have brought many valid points to our attention. This rule must have to be bent in certain circumstances.
For this we have decided to override this rule and approve your cash out.
This is something that will be kept in mind for all other future players at Vega!

I hope I have this straight: you deposit without bonus so no WR, you play and win, the casino limits the payments to $500/week and then tells you it has taken too long so the remainder of your "win" is forfeited. You post on the boards (and create "negative" publicity) so the casino has a stellar moment of clarity and decides to pay you the full amount and suggests they may do the same for future players............oh boy! Where do I sign up?:what:
In my opinion, they are the worst of the worst. My issue is being "investigated" as they said.

I joined their casino site and deposited funds to play, and they automatically deposited their standard bonus after I played enough of my own money to qualify for it.

I kept playing and hit $1000.00 on the "Three Times the Riches" slot game. After that win I was up to 1,200.00 +. I made a request for $500.00 cash out. Of course they immediately removed their bonus as I expected they would. I did not use any part of their bonus to win what I won, it was won with my own money.

After waiting the required days to have my withdrawal processed, it was placed back into my account. When I asked support for the reason, I was told that I had wagered 1,900 + and I needed to wager 4,500 which was 20x my deposit + 20x their bonus that they had removed.

I continued to play and when I thought I had reached the required 4,500, I submitted a withdrawal request again, for the full balance I had of 900. this time and again it was returned to my account. When I questioned support, they said I had wagered 3,900+ and that I needed to wager 4,500.

I proceeded to play until I was sure I had wagered over 4,500 as they stated I do. At this point I had $800 left and requested a full $800 withdrawal. After waiting the few days for them to process, there was no process done. I again asked support what the problem was and was told then I could not get my money because I had multiple accounts which was forbidden. I did NOT set up mulitple accounts with them. After several heated back and forth conversations, I was able to get the IP address from them who they claimed was me that opened other accounts. The IP they gave me was in a completely different State on the East Coast. I am located in Central US.

I have asked them repeatedly for all the information on the accounts they claim are mine, however I still have not received it. They say they are still conducting their investigation. If they were so sure I had more accounts, it would seem that information would be readily available to them to give to me. I was given a list of account numbers but no other information.

I received an email from a Mike at who told me if I wanted to continue to play there and would play by the rules he could work it out. In other words, I can play the $800 in my account but I cannot withdraw it. What would be the use in that? If I won again, they still would not let me withdraw. Kind of like play money I guess.
Thanks to the original poster.. unfortunately I have a similar problem with Casino Vega.

Last September I made a withdrawal request of $1250 at Casino Vega. I checked the Terms&Conditions 3 times and I was Certain that I had met the wagering requirements.. however my withdrawal was not processed and it was returned to my account. Somehow $500 was missing from my withdrawal and only $750 were returned to my account..

After that they have come up with various reasons, different each time why my money was not processed and why they took $500 away from it. They always ask me to contact the floorman by e-mail but he never answers to them. :what: He sometimes answers to the internal messaging system mails with out giving any real help. So I have been trying to get my money since last September and sent them about 20 messages and e-mails.

I am glad that I found this forum. I used the pich a bitch form and I am hoping that this issue gets solved as quickly as possible. I hope we all get our money. It has been like 5 months and they still not have paid me. :mad:

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