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Nov 5, 2001
Jetset said:
I don't normally trouble to respond to your rather ill-informed, anonymous and often convoluted jibes because I do believe you are merely a sidelines stirrer who does a lot of talking and moralising but is not renowned for actually getting out and making things happen.
Link Removed (invalid URL)

This time Jetset, you got your own thread just for you to back up your assumptions.

You can take the time to post the pages on the internet from anywhere you like that put to shame my admittedly small effort to offer up decent information for those gamblers who stumble.

The test is to find something worthwhile, not just gamcare and you gotta make it meaningful.

I will start you off with 1. A help site that I should by rights have added to the list already, but I am never going to be perfect unlike you boss. I figure you have already written about Link Removed (invalid URL) so I don't need to check the infopowa archives to doublecheck.

If you come by saying, but joey, that is just quality information. What i meant is you have to catch a plane to Costa Rica or Antigua to get out there, you will make yourself look like an idiot who wriggles when captured, rather than admit it when off the mark.

If I were you and not me, i'd ignore the thread and play highbrow over what you consider to be a mere minnion in your presence.
**Due to technology conking out on me, I am in a complete daze as to what this is all about. I am just wondering that if this is the new form of mudslinging... Kinda "Mudsling with Class, style and no spelling mistakes".

Petunia said:
Due to technology conking out on me, I am in a complete daze as to what this is all about.
It's a personal thing that should be kept to PMing; we've discussed this over the weekend. Glad to see you made it out of your conking out :D

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