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Nov 16, 2005
I am having one or two issues withdrawing some money from this casino because of the info that they need from me. I have not had this problem with several other casinos, so i just wanted to check that it is safe to give these details out-
Photo ID - name, address, dated of birth and signature if the ID does not show your address you can send a copy of a utility bill or bank statement showing address registered in your account.
Front of credit card - first and last four numbers, expiration dated and name.
Back of credit card - your signature and the last four numbers.

My main worry is that with the back of the creditcard, they will be free to use it. Am I just being paranoid? Has anyone had problems with them?

Thanks for any help!
Did you use a cc to deposit with? If not, then the shouldn't have any reason to ask for this....If so, simply black out the signature by scanning it on your computer and using mspaint or another graphic editor...if you used neteller, etc, a simple screenshot of your account section showing your account # and the pertinant transaction for their casino should suffice.

I guess it really depends on how they operate..I had a withdraw from geisha lounge that asked for front/back of cc also, but since I deposited using neteller they didn't need it.

I definately wouldn't send the bank statement....give them the utility bill ;)
If you did use a credit card, scan the back of it and just black out that three-digit number next to the signature and last four numbers of the card.

I think that's what you're concerned about, right?

On a general note, I would only give them EXACTLY what they ask for. Again, if you used the credit card, black out the middle numbers on the front and give them ONLY the first four and last four like they ask

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