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Jun 4, 2003
Has anyone else dealt with Casino Tropez recently?

I signed up, got the sign on bonus and won $248. They now say I am a "bonus seeker" because (and I quote from the online "chat" I had with a rep) "your perfect wagering" (!) I wish!

I complied with all the rules of the bonus and now they want to not pay me.

Anyone have any advice?
Yes, I had a slightly different experience with Tropez. Played,won a small amount, cashed out. Some time (couple of weeks?) later I received an e-mail advising me becasue of certain irregularities in my account I could not receive any more bonuses they may have on offer. I e-mailed asked for their reason, no answer. Tried again--was told my query was passed to the manager for reply. I've heard nothing since.

I have now complained to the OPA as follows:

I have had the following excuses for not paying me so far:

1. I needed to send ID (I had already done this)
2. They "might" be waiting on Neteller to pay me (please!!)
3. I was a "bonus seeker" because of my "perfect wagering" (I complied with ALL their bonus requirements!)
4. They needed to do further "security checks" (this has taken days!)
5. The department dealing with this does not work on the weekend (this is despite their own claims saying they have 24/7 support!!!)
6. On Wednesday, 11 June: "In response to your email your withdrawal request is currently waiting on approval from the Casino Manager and should be processed today" (Needless to say, this did NOT happen!!)

I have asked them now on FOUR seperate occasions WHEN my withdrawal will be processed. A lot of my emals were just unanswered and the rest of the time I got the response "soon" "next 24 hours" etc. Needless to say I have not seen a penny of my money yet!

I think this is very shoddy and does not even comply with their own stated terms on their website! I have *never* had so much hassle from an online casino before!
Did they ever define this term 'perfect wagering'? I'd like to know what they mean by that.

The only thing I could think it means is that you wagered exactly enough to meet the wagering requirements. Not a reason to not pay you, but probably one that will get you no more bonus offers there.
I'm totally sure that is exactly what "perfect wagering" indicates and you're absolutely right JPM in saying that Zeitgeist will probably not be the recipient of any further bonus offers.

That bothers me a lot in that Zeitgeist seems to possess the disciplines required to "earn" the bonus as offered. But TROPEZ CASINO wants to make life difficult for Zeitgeist (but at the same time) TROPEZ CASINO is more than willing to usher in yet another hundred people who don't have a clue about developing a plan and working a plan.

Why is it that Casinos cannot understand the fact that they cannot exist without WINNERS as well as LOSERS?

If Zietgeist is lucky enough to be paid by Casino Tropez I think he would do well to stay as far away from Casino Tropez as possible.
I actually wagered in excess of the requirements.

Despite being told by them that "our finance department does not work on the weekend", (and that they needed to "approve" the withdrawal!) I have today (Sunday) received and email saying that my withdrawal request was paid in full to my Neteller account.

Would it have anything to do witht he fact that I had emailed the casino and gave them the link to his board, and complained to the OPA? If so, more power to Casinomeister and the OPA as well!

But, I will withold my most fulsome praise until the money actually appears in my Neteller account.

All in all, I think their customer service is abysmal though!
Casino Tropez have finally paid up. Well done!

I still think their customer service can be improved though.
Hallo Zeitgeist!

Welcome to the board! I'm curious if you received an answer back from the OPA concerning this experience.
Hi Bryan!

Yes, I did. "Mike" wrote to me saying he'd contact the casino. But I am not sure if that did the business or it was just the casino pulling their finger out finally!

By the way, thanks for a great website. Anything you want from you "wishlist" at Amazon particularly? :cheers:



ps: I am about to become one of your fellow countrymen! I am temporarily "Moving" from London to Berlin on 25th June....I am gonna need to get my German up to speed!

Bis bald!
Ja, aber ich bin Amerikaner. Nur wohne ich in deutschland.

Warum?? Darum!
Das Bier, gutes Essen, ist es ruhig, Bier, und Bier.

Aber bin ich in einer kleiner Dorf and da ist nicht so viel zu tun....

Wishlist? meiner lieber Freund...knock yourself out :D

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