Casino Tropez: Another non-payment!


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Sep 10, 2003
Watch Out Players!!!!

I'm currently involved in another non-payment situation almost identical to another on this forum. Check out the other Tropez message on this forum!

They don't dispute the winnings, they just won't pay. They keep giving me the same run-around as the other guy: "We haven't received your photo ID..." etc. I've sent it 3 times now.

Also, they have quit responding to my email. 24/7 support??? I've been waiting for 3 days for a response to my last email to them!!!

They started out by saying they would process my withdrawl via FirePay as soon as they got the ID. Then they couldn't use Firepay anymore and were going to send a check. Then they had no record of this and needed to see an ID. Then they quit responding. Finally I heard back and they just gave me the same line--"as soon as we receive your ID..." I think this is their standard stall tactic.

I'm not sure if they're just waiting for me to go and lose the money, or if they have no intention of every paying me. Either way, Keep a close eye on these guys!!!
Bravo454, how long has it been since you made your withdrawal request? I seem to recall that Casino Tropez had a 7 to 9 business day waiting period and I found that they took every last minute of that time.

Whatever you do don't go into the Cashier and reverse your withdrawal. Have a good one.

I can tell you exactly what is happening here, but I haven't figured out quite why it happens.

There is something buggy about their email system and when you send your license via email from certain domains, it does not get through to them. I had to use 3 different email systems before I found one that would get there. They aren't trying to withold your money, they just haven't gotten the ID.

I had the problem with more than one major free email services, and with more than one playtech casino. I suspect there is something on their mail server that is flagging it as spam and dumping it before it gets where its supposed to be. Once I sent it from a different mail system, it got thru no problem (I used delivery confirmation to see when it got there) and they then all paid without any hassle.

There are 2 solutions, either fax the ID to them or use a different email service to send your scanned ID to them. I used my work email system once and that worked fine, but if you don't or can't do that, then open a free email account at
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and send it from there. This looks and feels like yahoo's email system, but yahoo can't get thru to them. This one does.

It will appear that they are stalling, but they just aren't getting the message. Try it through myway and remember to include your casino account number in your message so they know who you are (since they won't recognize the new email address). It worked like a charm for me.
No problem! Its a nice clean site, no ads all over the place and so far no spam in my mailbox even after a couple of months!

I gotta email playtech and see if I can get them to figure out why these certain domains can't get thru to them when you have an attachment. It never happens with straight text, but add the attachment and it goes into a black hole somewhere.

You are exactly right. I sent my ID (4th time) via mail and they responded the same day. It took a few emails, but the money was in my Firepay account this morning.

I can't believe that they aren't aware or haven't fixed this problem. Certainly I'm not the only one who uses a Yahoo! mail account.

Thanks for the help JPM!
No problem bravo, I'm glad I could help! And I'm sure you aren't the only on affected either. And it wasn't just Yahoo, but a couple of others I tried sending from too.

I haven't had a chance to pester them about it yet either, I need to find an address for someone other than a casino service rep though. They won't have a clue what to do with the info I send, so I need to talk geek to geek with someone at playtech (since that's who runs the servers these emails flow through).

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