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Casino Trojan in download - Am I correct as I'm no computer techie.

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by NickEdd, Apr 11, 2015.

    Apr 11, 2015
  1. NickEdd

    NickEdd Newbie member


    I've played at Titanbet loads and slots seem rigged.
    Whenever I get half decent win the casino goes on a massive losing streak all the time.
    Just ridiculous streaks like once had between 800-1000 spins on Spider-Man green goblin not hitting a scatter feature.
    That happens few times.
    Loads of examples where mathmatically the odds to receive that sort of bad luck time and time again just impossible.

    Been trying to download titanbet on
    Pc as I'm a ipad iPhone user 95% online and would never work.
    Then I realised this see my chat with there support plus my link to the Trojan.
    I'm no computer techie so u tell me what u think etc.

    Laurent _Vip: Hi Nick , Laurent here.
    Laurent _Vip: How may I help you?
    nickkBub: ur download says in my virus software that ur programme is behaving suspiciously and was removed.
    nickkBub: Sonar.SuspBeh!gen15 is the threat
    nickkBub: its a trojan virus
    nickkBub: hello?
    Laurent _Vip: I am here, Nick
    Message is too long.
    nickkBub: is set up ending _e03bad.exe the correct download off your website?
    nickkBub: Category: Quarantine
    Date & Time,Risk,Activity,Status,Recommended Action,Path - Filename
    11/04/2015 05:41:52,High,internaltitancsetup_e03bad.exe (SONAR.SuspBeh!gen15) detected by SONAR,Quarantined,Resolved - No Action Required,cusers\mo mo\appdata\local\temp\nsq49b6.tmp\internaltitancsetup_e03bad.exe

    Laurent _Vip: How did you download the casino ?
    nickkBub: off ur website
    nickkBub: Category: Quarantine
    Date & Time,Risk,Activity,Status,Recommended Action,Path - Filename
    11/04/2015 04:43:59,High,internaltitancsetup_ebb9dd.exe (SONAR.SuspBeh!gen15) detected by SONAR,Quarantined,Resolved - No Action Required,cusers\mo mo\appdata\local\temp\nsie74a.tmp\internaltitancsetup_ebb9dd.exe

    nickkBub: theres diff one off your site with same virus
    nickkBub: Category: Quarantine
    Date & Time,Risk,Activity,Status,Recommended Action,Path - Filename
    11/04/2015 05:33:04,High,internaltitancsetup_53951d.exe (SONAR.SuspBeh!gen15) detected by SONAR,Quarantined,Resolved - No Action Required,cusers\mo mo\appdata\local\temp\nsm6bc6.tmp\internaltitancsetup_53951d.exe

    nickkBub: and another
    nickkBub: obviously titan must know they are placing trojans as theres 3 dif setups with same trojan
    nickkBub: used link in list top left of website and downlosd link which is highlighted and large on middle of webpage
    nickkBub: hello?
    Laurent _Vip: I am checking what we can do
    nickkBub: your casino is purposly using this Trojan to infiltrate customers computetrs
    nickkBub: i wont be using you again and will be seeking my funds credited to you back. you are a bent casino obviously.
    nickkBub: email me your offer or i will publish this at the appropriate places online and to gaming commission.
    Laurent _Vip: U[pon checking, This did not came from us
    nickkBub: i know exactly what that malisious trojan does to a com[puter shocking.
    Laurent _Vip: And you have been playing in our casino since last year
    nickkBub: laurant u google that and see for yourself
    nickkBub: yeah and never win and when i do win casino sends me on a massive losing streak which is ridiculous and improbable everytime
    nickkBub: donmt know why i stayed so long
    Laurent _Vip: We have nothing to do with the Trojan virus and we don't get the same complaint from other players.
    nickkBub: maybe they dont have the most sofisticated virus software i have
    nickkBub: this computer is linked live to the highest level at a certain software company as its a hotel computer

    I left chat then.

    Below shows info etc about Trojan.

    You must register/login in order to see the link.


    Nick Edwards

    Sent from my iPhone
  2. Apr 11, 2015
  3. citizenx

    citizenx Non-Gambler MM

    "email me your offer or I will publish..."

    Says it all.

    Off you pop.
    3 people like this.
  4. Apr 11, 2015
  5. NickEdd

    NickEdd Newbie member

    Had loads of issues with them and was peed off with them. They blank u in support instead of answering sticky questions and basically feel robbed.
    I thought I'd posted just to Meister to just check through as only just joined to see if Titanbet is clean or not.
    But I think a threat don't hurt with some of these casinos as they never show a shread of proof to back up there decisions.
    If I'm outta line just delete me.
  6. Apr 11, 2015
  7. Simmo!

    Simmo! Moderator Staff Member

    Web Dev.
    You threatened to bring the name of a casino into disrepute in order to get your money back! You can't expect to be taken seriously around here I am afraid: we expect both casinos and players to act with integrity and then you can expect some help in sorting out any issues.
  8. Apr 11, 2015
  9. dunover

    dunover Unofficial T&C's Editor Staff Member CAG PABnononaccred PABnonaccred PABinit mm3 webmeister

    International Money Launderer
    the bus shelter, opposite GCHQ Benhall
    Personally I wouldn't urinate on TitanBet if it was in a state of conflagration. This however does not alter the fact that their software Playtech is fully audited and licensed. The RTP's (return to player) on many of their games are low compared to other software. I have had 1253 spins on a 96% Microgaming game without a feature. You can't keep winning, so yes when you do have a winning streak the law of large numbers works against you and you will tend to notice the game deadens despite each spin being independent.
    They can't be expected to answer knee-jerk and irrational accusations when a player has a bad run. If you ain't happy, then play elsewhere and you cannot fail to find a better site in the accredited section here, with higher RTP games and far, far quicker cash-outs.
    Their 'proof' is already there in the form of independent auditing of the games they offer. The customer agent needs prove nothing.
  10. Apr 12, 2015
  11. NickEdd

    NickEdd Newbie member

    Yeah here ya on game front.
    But even tried swapping games with same results.
    Anyway my main point was about the Trojan Virus within there Download links on there website.
    Luckily I've got best virus software contected live to a software company.
    Even from 3 different download codes sent to me all contained the virus so they must be using it for there own gains
    See my link on the virus in post.
    All like to know is what j guys think about that issue
    Think a bit of spouting off when a casino seems(well is tAking the pee out of u ) is nothing to have your little pops at me about.
    Anyway not bad for my first day eh! Lol
  12. Apr 12, 2015
  13. Wild Reels

    Wild Reels Meister Member webmeister

    United Kingdom
    the things that stood out for me.

    how would you know its the best ? if you aren't a computer tech savvy person :)

    Whilst i haven't heard much positive stuff for Titan in general, my guess is that's its most likely a "false positive" detection in the downloaded executable file, dependant on what anti-virus/spyware heuristic analysis is enabled, something might look "suspect to it" and if flagged as a virus/trojan/malware.

    There's been threads posted before where the downloaded installers have been flagged for viruses/trojans/malware from other casinos.
    2 people like this.
  14. Apr 12, 2015
  15. Gaz237

    Gaz237 Senior Member MM

    chelmsford UK
    Good luck

    I believe your post will be far to TECHIE for the OP.

    Maybe he could ask the software company, that's he's connected live to at the "Highest" level. To translate into a simplified form that he may comprehend.

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