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I noted that the OPA showed Casino Towers as an approved site. Decided to open an account. I checked the OPA site for the how to on collecting the 20% bonus and I found nothing listed on the OPA's page about that. So went to Casino Towers and clicked on button that said 20% for OPA member. It does not tell you the referral code to use here either. Said OK who cares, don't need bonus, not going to open the account with much anyway. I opened an account and deposited and played. Nice place. Enjoyed the slots a lot, usually never play slots, but these were fun, good payback. Went to deposit again and it wouldn't work. Went to find CS and the link on the front page takes you nowhere. The link on the bottom of the page that says LIVE 24/7 well that one is a dead link. So please, where is the CS unit here?


Hello Time and CasinoMeister,

If you register at CasinoTowers, claim your a OPA player, and you are cross referenced by the OPA member database, supplied by Steve Adkins.

Then VOILA, you get a OPA 20% Sign-Up bonus. Rules are on the page, below the button, but you need to click on, to read the specifics.

The 24-7 link is only a graphic - not a URL link. Please sign up and go to the "Help," desk it is manned currently 9-5 MST, and will be 24-7 very shortly.

Casino Towers also has the only instant "Trouble Ticket," tracking customer service systems in online Casino existence. DCEG is the only software provider, we know of, now with this innovative players servicing option, will ensure 100% player servicing follow-up, and full reconcilable complaint tracking.

We the Customer Service Dept. apologize for the processing error, and I will have our people look at that immediately, unfortunately in the software business things go wrong, we apologize for the inconvenience, and hope it does not tarnish your opinion of our Casino and Sports book.



Casino Manager


Dormant account

Thanks for the response. Just 2 things though please.
1) How does one "claim" you are an OPA member when signing up. The only option on the sign up screen that looked like it might be related to that is the box marked "referral." I put OPA into that box the first time I tried to sign up and it came back and said illegal referral. The "20% for OPA members" button on your home screen does not give directions either. Rather it tells you how many times you must play bonus ....yada yada.

I should point out here that Casino Towers put $20.00 into my account last night as a courtesy. I did not have $20.00 coming to me as a bonus or any other reason. Thanks you, Casino Towers.

2) Your home screen says LIVE HELP. In fact it is not live help but a mail program that assigns a number. The strangest part of this is when you come back back to Live Help, to see if the Help has arrived, there is no method to retrieve an update. It just shows you your number is alive and well in the system. It does not tell you if anything has been done or not.

I also a think that link at the bottom of the home page which depicts telephone operators talking to customers is perhaps misleading. You don't even offer a phone number to call. And below that box it does say LIVE HELP 24/7.

To the OPA I ask, what happened to the rule that OPA approved Casino's would have to meet a minimum of standards for customer service? I didn't double check that myself because I assumed OPA had. There is no phone number or e-mail address for their customer service dept. When their help system (such as it is) failed yesterday I had to use OPA to get through to them.

Thanks Again, Steve, you are fast.


Dear Players,

Once again, these tools I assure you, we have had implemented, unfortunately our New Phone # and Old Support email addresses were not displayed with the proper page links, since our New Software upgrade. Currently, CasinoTowers is in the process of obtaining a new 800 number as well.

For all Players Here is the Information:

CasinoTowers Customer Service Phone #:

Support email address:

As for the 20% LIMITED TIME bonus, Players please request it in the help section, once registered it doesn't need to be done after a deposit, but prior as well!
That is the method we've been using and it seems to be working fine. We're open to all suggestions, within reason of course.

Sorry (again) for the inconvenience OPA players, and I appreciate your insight, and promptness. Since we transferred systems we are in the process of resurrecting alot of buried page info.