Casino Titan - doesn't give the no-deposit bonus.


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Nov 12, 2008

I followed the link on the casinomeister 'exclusive bonus' for Casino Titan 15$ no-deposit bonus.

I get to their website and so far so good;

You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

But apparently the bonus offer has expired, it doesn't say that anywhere, and I think this is miss-leading information.

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

You are now chatting with 'Casino Support'

Casino Support: Welcome to Casino Titan, how may I assist you?

ME: Hello, I signed up through:
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.
and it says I need to contact live support to get $15 no-deposit

ME: with bonus code MEISTER15

Casino Support: One moment please.

ME: are you still there?

Casino Support: Yes

Casino Support: Just a moment

Casino Support: May I have your username?


Casino Support: Coupon has expired

ME: Yes, but the promotionpage is still active

ME: hello?

Casino Support: I understand that but it's long expired.

Casino Support: You need to let those know that it no longer works.

ME: so why is it still on your own website?

ME: It is on your website

ME: never mind, please delete all my personal details and close my account
They are no longer accredited here, so they probably give CasinoMeister members the big FU.

Try this code for $10

Or, if that doesn't work "30CASH" for $30.

I personally closed my account there when they were puchased by the group that owns Lose Palace (winpalace)
@h4l: thanks for mentioning this. I have flagged your post for Bryan to see, hopefully something can be done to have that expired bonus page removed.
On the main page, when you scroll down on the left side, under extras, then under "exclusive bonuses"......the next page takes you to the Casino Titan link they are referring to.
Okay - my apologies for the mix up. I had forgotten about the Exclusive Bonus page -

I've replaced Casino Titan's with 1Casino's - the new Wagerlogic casino we have on board.

@h4l - I owe you a beer next time we meet. Please remind me. Thanks! :thumbsup:
@ takethemoney, thanks for posting those codes, but I've already deleted the casino from my computer, will not be bothered to re-install it.

@ casinomeister, will take you up on it :thumbsup:
takethemoney They are no longer accredited here
I just made a withdrawal with Casino Titan. I didn't realize they were not on the accredited list anymore. Hopefully they will come through and redeem themselves. I sent the rep an email.


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