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Feb 26, 2005
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I have had some very helpless and hopeless chats with "support" staff at some casinos. But this one just did it for me. It didn't involve money or cashins (thank heaven for that) just a very simple question.

Thursday I get a mail from an RTG casino advising me that they have 3 new slot games. Excellent thinks I. With funds earmarked for gambling burning a hole in my credit card. I get onto the casino's chat support, the conversation went:

me: Hi, can you tell me more about your new games?
casino: what new games?
me: I received an email letting me know you had new games.
lengthy pause
casino: haven't a clue.
me: okay thanks. :eek2:

I put a mail onto my regular RTG casino and got a very prompt, very friendly reply, with full details on when they will be available (not for a couple of days).

Today I received another email from Haven't A Clue Casino. I downloaded the software, tried the games on free play to give me an idea of whether to wait for my regular RTG to get them; or go hogwild at a microgaming casino :cool:
The games weren't bad, perhaps worth waiting for ...


Note to all casinos with (un)support(ive) staff
Do you really expect me to deposit anything with your casino when your frontline staff is so unprofessional and projects a sense of complete ignorance and incompetence?
Get real.
If you want me to take your casino seriously get some decent support staff and check their chat logs to make sure they are giving good, professional customer service.

What boggles the mind is that RTG's casinos haven't got a great reputation. Wouldn't it make sense to have first contact support staff that would make the potential gambler feel that that particular casino is at least halfway professional.
Been there too....Support didnt have a clue as to what games and when. I also played these, with my own money and didnt hit crap. I really have lost everything for RTG...I used to play only RTG but started playin Micro (viper) and now thats pretty much all I play. Unless Cleo is looking sexy that day....
Name 'em and shame 'em - it's the only way to get things sorted out - this may be a management that doesn't realise their business is being screwed up by badly briefed or badly chosen support staff.

BTW the report on the new RTG games appeared in Casinomeister News two or three weeks back.

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