Casino Solei : Sunny Group???


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It may just be my imagination....but the other day I was looking at a new casino promo and figured Id download and check it out. I was surprised to find what looked like another casino site I once knew well..Mapau. Same games, same look, same layout...ect but with a new theme.
Any thoughts on this Brian??..they are licensed in the UK and out of da da da da Costa Rica just like Mapau and Sunny Group.
Old German proverb says if it looks like a duck, acts like a duck, sounds like a duck...(I told this to Greedygirl) then its probably a duck...
It might be worth you checking into to prevent a terrible gaming experience for a new player. Im REALLY suspicious myself......PS I havent had many evil spammers of late, I email the webmaster from the source site and its well as blocking and spam reporting.
If this does turn out to be Sunny Group in Solei clothing make them do the dying cockroach!!! Huah heir beirmeister Huah!


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AHH ha!!!! I thoughtfully posted my suspicions at another site (GG) and lo and behold got this for an answer from robinw who did a search for any info:
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go to this, clink on the link and viola youre at Mapau Casino Solei and Mapau are friends lol


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Of course they look the same, they're both playtech! Look at any of the other playtechs and they all have the same games as well. Same thing with the microgaming & RTG casinos. Solei is actually related to Carnival and Club dice, but not to sunny as far as I've seen. Their relation is more like cousins through the common relative of playtech.