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Casino Software Specialist

Discussion in 'Introduce yourself! (New Members)' started by hengels, Apr 3, 2013.

    Apr 3, 2013
  1. hengels

    hengels Dormant account

    Casino software product manager
    I am the casino software product manager at WinningStreak Ltd. and responsible for the development and marketing of turnkey casino (white label casino) solutions. I love to develop casino management and casino affiliate software tools and to support casino clients with innovative casino technologies. I am also interested in modern gaming engines (HTML 5).
    I am working since 7 years in the gaming industry and was using quiet often Casino Meister as a valuable information source.
  2. Apr 3, 2013
  3. Nate

    Nate Ueber Meister CAG webmeister

    Welcome to the Forum,

  4. Apr 3, 2013
  5. ilovejesus

    ilovejesus Experienced Member

    welcome to casinomeister
  6. Apr 10, 2013
  7. Jamie123

    Jamie123 Dormant account

    Self employed
    Have you heard anything of total e soft?
  8. Apr 11, 2013
  9. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    Thanks for joining us :cheers:
  10. Apr 11, 2013
  11. rockycatt

    rockycatt meistercatt

    welcome share the knowledge :thumbsup:
  12. Jun 2, 2013
  13. hengels

    hengels Dormant account

    Casino software product manager
    Turnkey Casino Scammers

    Most white label casino providers offering products below 25k setup fee are scammers. There are only a few serious providers which are easy to identify by having a serious conversation. Be critical. Don't belive all promises. Let facts speaking. Make sure you get a clear picture of the identity of the people behind the white label casino business. Make sure they have Linkedin accounts etc. and are well known in the industry. Scammers try to be anonymous.
    Read this informative article:
    "Faked White Label Casinos" on turnkeycasinos dot com:
  14. Jun 2, 2013
  15. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom
    One introduction followed by three posts that are almost identical, and look like a bit of cloaked marketing for your own company.

    You say "Most white label casino providers offering products below 25k setup fee are scammers", yet YOUR lowest tier offering is FREE!!!!!!!! How does this make you NOT a scammer, when you say that everyone else with a tier below 25K probably IS a scammer.

    One certainly does need to have a serious conversation with a prospective turnkey supplier, however it is no good relying on one turnkey supplier to produce an unbiased article on how to spot one, or which supplier is best.

    After all, as players know, EVERY casino has been "voted No 1 best casino", or has won awards for "best" at something.

    Total E Soft is simply one of your competitors, and they may take exception to the fact that your other two posts are on the ends of the two recently active Total E Soft threads. Total E Soft will probably say THEY are the best turnkey provider, and may also "advise" that any competitor that offers a "free" entry level product can't be very good.

    Ideally, you should get a stall at the next ICEi show in London so that many people looking to open an online casino can have that "serious conversation" with your company, along with others, and all in the one place. You can also go around and see what the competition is up to, perhaps posing as a potential customer. They would probably do the same at your stall to see "what the newcomer is up to", and whether they need to adapt before they lose business to you.

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