Casino Software Rigged?



I had a strange experience at VegasPalms and a similar one at casino on net (two different kinds of sotfware).
At vegaspalms, I saw the 3 seven's appear just for a moment and then the slots continued to roll for quite a long time to end with no winnings. I noticed the same thing at other casinos - at times the slots roll for a much longer time and I really think that happens when winning combinations are set to appear - these are then bypassed by the software which resets the roll. All programmers online know that there is no such thing as true random sequences. Has this
happened to anyone else?
BTW, The Sands of the Caribbean in my opinion is not to be trusted. this casino sure has paid for a lot of publicity but my colleagues on the net are very skeptical about them



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Jun 30, 1998
Hi Chagall,

There is an article that explains how random number generators work at
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I know boss media casinos use a geiger counter attached to their serial ports to invoke this but am unsure whether or not Casino-on-net does this as well. Sounds like a conspiracy!?

What's up with the Sands? Not to be trusted? What's the scoop?

By the way, happy new year!



If the rng were not random the casinos' would be in trouble. The game would be predictable, like a biased roulette wheel. That does not mean that every winning combination is available for random selection at the initiation of each play.

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