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Dormant account
Sep 28, 2006
They don`t like winners?I requested withdrawal of 3090 euro last saturday.Still no payment to my neteller account.
From casino share banking section:
"Withdrawals from your CasinoShare account to Neteller are usually processed within 24 hours, however please allow up to 72 hours. There is no charge for withdrawals."
They are reliable. You can contact them form an online form on their website. They may have credited it back to your credit card, if you deposited via creditcard

I tried this casino out last week. After a lengthy session I was paid in 24 hours. No id, faxbacks, nothing....just good service and prompt payout. While it was only a couple hundred I still really enjoyed this casino.
Hi Player-72,

I am sorry for the delay in your payout, I can only apolgise for the delay in payment. We do our best to make sure payouts are fast, for example our pending withdrawls are set at 6 hours.

Occasionally a withdrawl will take longer than normal and we realise this is not and are constantly trying to improve so that we can reduce those occurences.


Max Wright

Director of Gaming
Who is actually running this new Casino Share Casino. Does anybody know.
I was wondering if they are a breakaway from another group?
I like the feature they have of a monthly match up bonus of 100%.
That is a feature that I have not come across in a Microgaming Viper Casino before. I played today after making my first new user deposit.
Emailed them to get the bonus in my account and within 10 minutes, they had emailed me back to say the bonus is in my account.
Have to say the bonus is pulling back into my cash pretty fast and games I have played lately at other Casinos that use this software that have played real bad are playing well at Casino Share.It maybe just luck. Who knows but that sure do have the full range of games available. Strange all the same, they do not have the comp points up and running yet.Hopefully it will not be too long.
:thumbsup: Good to see new Microgaming Viper Casinos coming online.
Hopefully it will shake up some of the older ones to give better service and promotions.;)
Occasionally a withdrawl will take longer than normal

This is way longer than normal 6 days longer, after all it was only to Neteller.

However, Max thanks for dropping past and letting us all know the situation. :thumbsup:

I do have a couple of questions though.

After having a bonus issue (actually my email went un-answered), instead of sending another I tried to phone the casino, hmmm no phone number for support & not live chat either?

I'm rather surprised that you opened your virtual doors without first having both live chat & phone support active.

Also the players Loyalty accounts, when can we expect those to be operational?


Some answers to your questions,

1. Our loyalty system will be up and running in late October and is going to be very different to what current MicroGaming casinos currently offer, I think you will like it :cool: .
2. We are setting up phone support at the moment and this should be up and running in approximately 2 to 3 weeks. We do not have plans at the moment for live chat but it is something we will definitely look into for the future.

I hope you have fun at the Casino


Max Wright

Director of Gaming
Dear Max Wright,

This is Nov.19th.

Loyalty Program promised for late Oct, still not in place.

Please advise status and a firm date for program.


Given the sheer length of time, are they planning to backdate the system to take account of current wagering, or should prospective players simply sit and wait.
I am now a somewhat unwilling member, since they have taken over Grand Monaco (which does currently have a loyalty program).
This will be interesting as they say in the newsletter that I recieved they are going to incorporate the best of both casino programs into one.
However in saying this, it will not be fully implemented until January 2007.
Also Casino Share are talking about doing away with the 100% monthly bonus match and replacing it with something. Quote, ` More Exiting`.
I am thinking of dropping Casino Share and will see what happens with Grand Monaco as that is or was a very well run casino.
Casino Share

Grand Monaco seem OK after a fortnight of membership. My first cash-in was paid in 3 days (OK for a first one). There seems to be a regular weekend offer of a small bonus, but it looks like the percentage and amount are substituted into a standard template, so it is probably dependent on VIP level as at Roxy Group.
I have not bothered with Casino Share, and await the occurence of "November 1st" sometime next January:D
I made a cash out from Grand Monaco last week and had the money within 3 days and an email to say it had been sent to my neteller account.
Then I ended up losing my balance LOL 2 days ago.
But as normal I got sent a small bonus offer as always happens with them if the account ends up at zero, which is good, even if it may only be 25% up to $50.00 match, at least it is something to have another play with.
Not many casinos make those sort of offers that I know of apart from the Grand Priv`e Group which send out weekly bonus deposit offers regularly and Spin Palace often have promotion bonus weekend offers.
I am still not fully confident that this merger of Casino Share and Grand Monaco is going to be for the better, but I guess time will tell.
This is a great group. I have been in contact with them and they are very eager to be the best. I played here as well and got paid very quickly. Great casino, nice selection of games.
bunch of asses is this Casino share
o man
there even dont credit the montly match
or niehter replay on mails

glad i closed my account
I had to email them to get my last monthly bonus match as it did not go in automatically as it was suppost to.
I do not think I will bother to deposit again with Casino Share anyway they are talking of doing away with the monthly deposit match and replacing it with something else and they still do not have the loyalty system up and running.
A lot of talk and no action I think with this group.

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