Slow Pay Casino Share- bad CS/cashout delays


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Jun 20, 2001
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Hey Gang

Just wanted to share an experience with casino share ( :p )

I cashed out 27th December via Neteller.

The casino told me they 'released' the funds on the 28th December.

It is now Jan 3rd and no funds.

I understand a delay in holiday times, but there is no way it takes 6 days to transfer funds to a Neteller account. The casino confirmed that their finance people were in the office Tues - Fri last week so that isn't the issue.

I contacted Mario a few days ago but haven't heard back.

I chatted with a CSR last night and he hung up/terminated the chat - nice one :thumbsup:

You are now chatting with CSR

CSR: Hi , and thank you for using our Live Chat facility! Allow me to introduce myself as your chat representative.

I am CSR and will be assisting you, how could I be of service...
Me: Hello CSR.
Me: My account number is xxxxxxxxxxxx
Me: I have still not received my Neteller funds - has anything been done about it now that I lodged a query with

CSR: One moment please while we look into the matter for you.
Me: Thankyou
CSR: kindly note that your withdrawal of xxxx has already been sent to your Netteler account since the 28th
Me: I know that already - but it has not arrived. A rep submitted a query with finance for me but I have not heard
CSR: Kindly note that it takes normaly about 5 working days
CSR: this is without counting public holydays
CSR: you have to wait for about 4 days
Me: No it doesn't. I always receive it in 48 hours or less.
Me: 4 days from now? That is ridiculous it has already been almost a week.
CSR: you contacted us to ask why your withdrawal is taking long I told you how it works but you are arguing with me
CSR: please note that there is a lot of payment to be sent out but yours has gone out already
CSR: all you need to do is to wait
CSR: you will get your money
Me: Well I know for a fact that it never ever takes this long - and since Neteller is an instant transfer, there
should be hardly any delay.
CSR: have you ever withdrawan during Xmas and new year?
CSR: do you know that banks close during that periode?
Me: Anyway, the other casinos I use pay me in 24 hours regardless of holidays - I even had a cashout christmas day
and received it that night.
Me: Neteller transfers do not come from a bank they come from another neteller account
Me: I can understand an extra day or two due to holidays, but it is 9 days since I actually cashed out and that is
way too long.
Me: It isnt your fault - i am not blaming you - but if a casino is going to take deposits 24/7 they should pay 24
Me: * 7 days a week.
Me: So I am definitely going to receive the funds on Monday?
Me: Are you still there?
Me: Thankyou for ignoring/hanging up on me. I will be sure to let Mario know.

In this situation, a CSR should be doing their best to be polite and take my issue seriously - all I got was attitude.

You also have to love the '5 business days for a Neteller withdrawal'. LOL. Do they send the cash over to Neteller head office by pigeon first?

It certainly makes you appreciate Inetbet, 3Dice and 32Red :)


Sep 28, 2010
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This sort of behaviour is getting more common around MGS casinos, also the extended reverse withdrawal frame over at the Riverbelle group, is showing clear signs that the last 6-12 months of tightening the slots (via poor feature returns), has not cured the knock on affect of the world recession and lost revenue.

It really hits home hard, when the most trusted and reliable software provider out there has started using the ethics associated with the likes of RTG, Rival, Top Game etc.


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Sep 28, 2010
Happy New Year Nifty29's !
I hope you will receive your cashout next days..Probably many casinos will use these holiday days like an excuse for payment delay..


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Oct 14, 2004
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When will casinos understand that this line of "it takes xx business days to reach Neteller" is BULLSHIT! Neteller say so themselves!!!!!

What is REALLY happening is that the withdrawal is "released for payment", but this is NOT the same as "has been paid to your Neteller account".

What seems to happen is that released payments are queued, and then a regular "batch" execution of the processing instructions in the queue takes place once or more times daily (business days only). If this batch execution does not take place, or fails because of "technical problems", the withdrawal may appear "processed", but it has actually become "stuck in transit".

3 times over the past 2 months I have had a Grand Mondial withdrawal to Neteller fail during this batch process due to some technical problem. The BIG problem though was that NOONE feels it is "their job" to check that the withdrawal was processed to my Neteller SUCCESSFULLY. When Mario looked into this, this is what he more or less told me, that they submitted the request, but it failed and didn't credit the funds to my Neteller. Noone checked for failures, and it was ONLY noticed after I asked Mario to investigate.
Mario said they would change procedures to prevent this from happening again, but it then happened TWICE more after that:mad:

More recently, I made a withdrawal the Tuesday before Christmas. With 24 hours in pending, this should have been sent for processing either Wednesday or Thursday, and should easily have made it to my Neteller in time for Christmas.

IT DIDN'T:mad:

It eventually made it on Monday, a delay of 2 days over the norm, but made FAR worse because it was inflated to FIVE days because of the holiday.

It DOES seem that there is an underlying problem at CasinoShare that is holding up withdrawals by a couple of days above the usual norm.

It might be that they are deciding NOT to process EVERY day to EVERY method, but to process ONLY on days when the queue has sufficient transactions within it to make the procedure cost effective. THIS might also be the reason for the "3 days" bullshit - it buys them time to HIDE this from us, yet still claim they "process every weekday".