Casino security - Two Factor Authentication (2FA)?


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Jul 1, 2018
Just thinking about my casino accounts recently.. have a accounts with a few of the well known casinos but notice none of them seem to offer two-factor authentication. Our accounts are just protected by a password and someone could use a compromised password to deposit and withdraw funds. Mainly speaking for those customers who might not have good password management.

Thought to myself that Casinos should be doing better in this area and set up and encourage 2FA to better protect customers and themselves? (By opt in, of course).

Even the Casinomeister forum offers 2FA, could it be this forum is offering more security options than leading casinos?!

Wondered casinomeisters' thoughts?


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Apr 25, 2020
I find from here anyway (Ireland) if you deposit via debit card they often ask you to approve in your banking app which obviously only you would have access to.

Also even if someone got into your account nowadays with all the sow and aml checks, you have to withdraw to a source you loaded up from before this plus I'm sure some casinos do have it as a feature. I've definitely had 2fa once or twice with Videoslots

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