Slow Pay Casino Royal Club using same tacts as Crazy Luck!


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Oct 29, 2012
Virginia, USA
I am new to this forum but in reading some of the complaints, I came across the one for Crazy Luck casino not paying winnings and asking for information over and over. Well, I am having the exact same issue with Casino Royal Club. Are these two casinos run by the same owner?

I sent in all information, was verified then told I had to re-send wire transfer information, which I did. When I ask when will I get paid, they will not tell me -- only response is wait... please wait. They claim they have emailed me but I have no record of it. They promise to respond by email within 30 minutes but never do. I asked for the Casino Managers name and contact number but they (Sophia from Live Chat) says she can not provide that information. Does not sound promising. I played by their rules and won and now they are dodging the issue and creating delays. Has anyone else had problems with Casino Royal Club?

Any help or guidance you can provide in helping me collect my winnings would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and great forum -- lots of good info....


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Apr 18, 2009
I don't know if those casinos are related, but I'm sure someone else does.
This casino has so many complaints of no payments everywhere.
I'm started to wonder if they are paying anyone and if they ever have:eek2:

So your chance of getting paid doesn't look so good.

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