Casino Royal Club - Rival confirmed two Game errors


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Nov 5, 2015
Los Angeles
Played this site - game Jack Frost - the payouts weren't making sense - took screenshots when to casino- they were abrupt and told me that what the game pays is what it pays. they were very rude. I changed games and played Mariachi game and all of a sudden my cash was gone. looked down and my bet was 5x what i thought i was betting - i thought it strange..must ahve hit max bet.

Well i email RIVALthe manufacturer with screenshots. to their credit they were repsonsive - and did reserach.They came back to me and said the server results were not matching what the client was displaying. Hence the game payouts were in fact correct. They said they were instructing the casino to remove the game. (has not been done). After alot of bitching, CRC gave me $50 to play. i went back to marianchi game, got a bonus then boom my money gone again! no way did my .50 bet become 2.50. i thought maybe i hit max bet - but max bet was 5.00. So i emailed my friends at Rival and they indicated just that day they pushed out a patch to fix the bet reseetting after a bonus game.

I raise this here to let people know that these are computer programs - errors happen and to point out that this casino knows its not paying out correctly, yet they continue to let poeple play this game.

Good luck everyone. if there's interest, i can attach the screenshots - they were obvios payline error when u have 4 symbols on line 2 and the game pays zero - uh it's a problem.

Iknow i know - use only the approved casions - lesson learned!

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