WARNING Casino Royal Club: no pay and non-responsive


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Jan 20, 2004
This one is short and to the point: a player had won £6000, been promised payment from the casino several times and after three months of fighting had nothing to show for it. Casino gave no reason for stalled payment(s), they simply never paid.

Player brought the issue to us, we tried several times to get the casino's attention and a response to the issue: nothing. So ...

Warning: Casino Royal Club (casinoroyalclub.com) is not paying player winnings in spite of repeated commitments to do so. They're also ignoring player complaints at not being paid. Players are strongly advised to look elsewhere for their casino entertainment.
FTR the problems with this casino have not gone away, players continue to report the same no-pay + stalling issues. Players have been and continue to be well advised to AVOID THIS CASINO.

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