Casino Rewards to Purchase Integricty Casino Group


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Jun 22, 2004
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Greedy Girl announced it over at GG......I guess it's good for payment....Below is her post, and I'm sure she'll be posting here soon too. Their handling of bonuses is probably the most bizarre around, but maybe things will become clearer with so much attention on them.

More on Captain Cooks, etc...

We just received the following email:

Gentlemen (and Ladies)I am pleased to announce Casino Rewards purchase of the Integrity Casinos group or as you may know them Captain Cooks. We are very happy to conclude this deal and I can assure you it will be business as usual for all of their players with the added benefit of the CasinoRewards loyalty program and level of service.

I know you have had some concerns with the non payment of some Captain Cooks players lately due to turnover requirements. I give you my guarantee that this is a high priority for us and will be resolved next week as we take over the operations.
Yes, Meister posted it in the thread about non payment.

This isn't very good news. Most likely the "audit" was at the bequest of Casino Rewards who has a history of not playing square with the bonus program.

These are some interesting news.
I am wondering how the old owners managed to run their operation downhill over the last couple years? I remember them being quite a decent place to play with a while ago but obviously they did something very wrong.
bonuses changed so they lost

as i know why would be a newbei want to play in a complex bonuus rule casino there are very good casinos out there who are very welcome give our bonuses as i know ccc was one of them 2 years ago 8 times wagering and things has changed alot of players learned to benefit from casino promotions so they changed their bonus terms like a stupid bonus acc but they lost newplayers i think thats why they got busted and just players who try to benefit from promotions did came to play at there and brokeing them i think like that
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On the subject at hand. This is not good at all! the Cooks group have always had an outstanding customer support. As far as I can gather, you are quite likely to be labbelled an abuser over at CasinoRewards, just for making use of their bonuses, however their joint "rewards" program is kinda good though.

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