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Jan 26, 2010
Hi Folks i wrote some rows because i am really sick about the snob behaviour of
casino rewards group casinos, i am a player of microgaming since 2009
and have to say that casino rewards is the one with lower bonus ratios and higher minimum deposits in the
microgaming circuit , but now enough is enough , i received the birthday bonus and opted for anothe 100 euros of promos that where available , after that i made other deposits for 400 euros .
wanna know ? there were no promos available but they allow bonuses of 15% if you contact them
time by time .
i didnt want to break my playing so deposited a total of 400 and at the end i went to support to ask if it was possible to have a free chip of 10 or similar .
Answer ? who cares that you deposited 400 .
if you want i can give you 15% on the deposit if you contact us time by time .
so after 400 euros deposited if i asked a bonus was "free" and not possible to give
at this moment i reached 600 euros and still no bonus available .
so who is the retarded that decided things are that so ?
that pushed really my patience yesterday , i even asked to ask an override by the floor manager but have been denied even if the situation could be considered an exception , i closed the account and reopened cause of the prize lottery of 24 of july
I am a player that likes to play MG but lately the management of CR things too much that people are ATM
more then players and because of that i really suggest to spend your money in other casinos , where a customer care is real an not only please read T&C , who fucking cares of terms and conditions if good sense
isnt into peoples manners and minds
I know what you mean man but CR group not the only casino('s) where you get those answers. Leovegas for example where i deposit sometimes fore more then 5 years always say: One moment i check your account, but always the answer. Except friday, when it was my birthday.

But if you can skrill me 20 you get 30 back wednesday, so then i give you the free money :)
Well dont be frustrated and keep depositing TILL youi get 10 bonus. Let them be and try for example With your deposits of 500 you had received maybe at least 50euro real money next week instead 10 bonus with 30x wagering. Just a suggestion
i gave up officially at 700 euros and no fracking bonus ! yay !! !

brian i hope that you can say to Casino Rewards management that they are a bunch of douche bags for me
it wasnt a matter of bonus but the fact that when you have deposited it doesnt count to them
you have the same value if deposit 10 or 1000 and thats absurd ...
Years ago I played at a CR casino,screen said deposit x, get bonus of y,
I deposit x, message says you need to play a little longer to get y or some such bullshit.
That was enough for me, total fraud promising something they had no intention of giving.
Closed the account and never played at CR again.

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