Casino Rewards gone under?


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Aug 25, 2004
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Have Casino Rewards gone under?

Over last 3 weeks:-
3 e-mails to Casino Classic (via Outlook Express) - no answers.
1 e-mail to Casino Classic (via the casino's own mail service) - no answer.
3 e-mails to Casino Rewards (via Outlook Express) - no answers.
Live Chat - permanently 'busy'
Phoned & left answer-phone message - no reply.

Hard to believe this group has gone down - but even harder to believe all their CS reps died of food poisoning after eating a dodgy Christmas dinner...:what:
I would not mind if the Casino Rewards group of casinoes vanished from the
surface of the earth.

I made 1 deposit at Golden Tiger, won pretty good. (8 times deposit) and they
denied me the sign up bonus when cashing out (was way over wagering limit) because I was a bonus abuser. This was the first ever (and last) of that group I played at.

So winners=bonus abusers as Casino Rewards.
Casino rewards

I won 6k at "casino classic" back in August. I did get my check via fedex within a week, after I cashed in i made deposits for about another $600 and I could not buy a

I have not played there since that but did tell a friend about there "500 on the house promo" he did win the max $200 you could get, made the deposit for $20 and well lost that pretty quick. He also sent them a email and they never responded, sent email via the casino software no response. There "live help" is always busy these days. After 2 weeks of no response he did call and got a person that he said seemed to not know what they were doing.

I just have never seen a christmas holiday that goes on this long!!!

Not Necessarily

I had problems ages ago with these, could not get hold of anyone, but they were not going under, just rude and incompetent. Seems nothing has changed. I am perturbed to see the aforementioned Golden Tiger in the Slotjunkies sponsor line-up, they need to be watched carefully to ensure they don't mess around paying out if someone wins Slotjunkies on the $500 with free $250 bonus, meets WR and wants to cash out bonus + Slotjunkies award.
My big sin too was to win with bonus money in my account. At the time I was actually slightly down with the group as a whole, but then got a lucky streak while waiting for them to unlock my rewards and playing some more to convince them I was genuine. They only unlocked my account when they had their behaviour looked at by Kawanake (I had all the lies in writing!!!!!). They never apologised, so I emptied my accounts and added them all to my personal rogue list.
I nearly had a heart attack when I read this as I was just about to start my own thread on this.
They have a bonus where they give you 500 to play with for free in 1 our. If you win over 200, you can keep upto 200. This then goes into your casino account. You deposit 20 and have to play 220X15

Now when I registered, I am thinking, I put in an incorrect email address as mine is .com BUT I tink I put in I have emailed them 5 times asking for confirmation of my position.

Now the worse thing is, my bonus became 1320 and I have not received a dickie bird from them. There live help NEVER EVER works.

Does anyone have an email address for this shower as Im starting to twitch:notworthy
I can well believe they're not responding - but just double check your email client for emails dated Jan 1970

A couple of months ago I sent three emails to Blackjack Ballroom, and got no reply. Much later (after I'd eventually got hold of someone on live support), I happened to scroll to the end of my email folder and noticed they had replied to all of them, but the date on their emails were screwed and they appeared to be dated Jan 1970.

I would have noticed much earlier except I had lots of unread mail, so I didnt notice when the unread mail count incremented but no new email appeared at the top of the folder.

Incidentally, their support is in Australia, so to find them on "day shift", you actually have to contact them at night. Normally, by the time we start the day, they are ending theirs and it is likely the "night shift" is understaffed and simply cannot provide any sort of service when US and European players need it most.
It would be interesting to know if anyone beat the free 500, deposited 20 and managed to meet the terms AND had no problems with making the withdrawal.
Interested to find out for myself I rang them up and to be fair was answered straight away. I mentioned that I had heard rumours that they had gone under and suggested they might want to monitor the forums to reassure people to which I was told

"theres tens of thousands of them (forums) out there. We can't be bothered with all that"

Sounds like they don't particularly value their reputation anyway
They are having a lot of winners with that classics promo ( I get mails about it from players, and I can see it in my stats), but they are by no means going under from what I can tell. I also haven't had any complaints, people are getting paid just fine.
Well four days and even if they were based in Outer Mongolia with only a part time customer service team on, they have had plenty of time to reply
Classic sent me an e-mail on 23 Dec saying that they will respond to my query soon but now its already the 16th of January and there has been no response. I have not been able to contact live chat at casino rewards since Christmas Day either.

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