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May 25, 2005
Houston TX
Well, so far my exp. with them has been good!! i won a total of $6000 on tuesday, called them they did flush my account (thank I requested it be processed a check via fedex.

My cashin has been processed and sent out from florida via fedex on friday. The only thing i am not getting is this: my check now sits 11 miles away from my house at the fedex facility, I paid a fee of $50 to get this sent, why do they charge that fee if they are going to send it via a 2 day express??? i checked on that price and that only costs about $13.

Yes i am happy just to be getting the $6000!!! But i guess when you pay a fee like that one would think you are getting next day and at the price i paid i could have had it deleviered on saturday.

I have had previous fedex checks from casinos in the past and they were not sent 2 day. Makes me wonder does one have to specify how they want it sent through the fedex system? Sure because my fedex is already here i will receive it tommorow but damnn $50 charge and they only spent $13.

But in the words of my husband "at least you are getting it" lol

Casino rewards service has been great all in all though, they may deserve a second chance to be on the list here.
A couple of months ago I won $15,000 from them, and requested money sent by fedex as well. They told me 2-3 business days, but I got it next day! But then, it was approved on a Monday, so thats probably why. I was also surprised to learn that they waived the $50 fedex fee as well.

I agree, their support staff is tops.

Best MG group, IMO

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