Casino Rewards: "Australia Day" - Oh Oh


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Aug 16, 2007

got the 50% bonus offer from Casino Rewards by mail ?

It's called "Australia Day".


In the mail, it just says:

- Yukon Gold Casino
- 50% matchbonus UP TO 50 € (!)
- on your next deposit
- from xx to xx (Date)

Nowhere, is there a link for further T+Cs.....

But, if you click on the Kangaroo picture, then serch for "home" and click it, then wait, until the right (Australis Day) of three actual promos blink up in banner and then click it, you see THIS:
(I wouldn't have found the way to these details. I was told by the support to go to casino rewards homepage)

You must have a real player account and have purchased a minimum (or total of) $€50.00 in Real Account casino chips during the promotional time period (see rules).
You must play the No Worries Slot Machine to qualify.
You must play at a Casino Rewards Partner Casino to qualify.
The casino retains the sole ability to determine if a player qualifies for this giveaway.

UPS: Now, its a
-- MINIMUM deposit of 50,
-- AND you MUST play "No Worries Slot" to qualify....

Judge yourself. For me, these are real good hidden T+Cs.

BTW: I'd like to be warned of such a mail, but as I do not want to provoke further "anti posts" against me... I just Oh Oh...

Cheers Casino Rewards


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Oct 14, 2004
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You, and all "bonus seekers" should take care, as this promo is a complete mess. If you log into the casinos, there is a video presentation from your "casino host". In this, the bonus has changed yet again to 50% up to 250. There are no terms and conditions anywhere, so it is not possible to work out whether it should be $50 or $250, or indeed whether, and how much, play on No Worries is required.

Naturally, they are running this over Australia Day, such that there will be fewer support staff around to answer any questions.

I have sent them an Email, and if it is ignored, so will be their offer.

I have received a similarly idiotic offer from Grand Prive, where the mailer shows it to be for "ACE" status, while I am shown as "KING" status in the casino.
It seems the fools have come out to play this weekend over much of the industry, and seems to be indicitive of a further lurch downward in the quality of support and design staff in much of the industry. I hope this was raised at ICEi, perhaps it was, and this is the casinos getting revenge for our impertinence at complaining about the issue.


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Aug 16, 2007

I hate it to see more and more of these "little dirty tricks".
And more and more of the bigger groups do this.

Another really bad one is: You get mails with bonus offers of the kind:

150 %, only today. You get it, lets say on Jan,10th. BUT, if you open the mail with a doubleclick in Outlook Express, you can see, that it was sendet on Jan,8th.
Don't know how they manage to do this, but, as I had this more than 5 times now, and of 2 different Playtech groups, it's surely wanted. Too bad.

Today, I got a 8$ "free" bonus onto my more than 130 $ account.
When I asked what is this, they said its a "Good Player bonus".
And, as you can guess, with a 12x playthrough. So..... I opt out !!!

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