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Jan 18, 2007
Here's a review I did after going to Peppermill this Spring. Link to pix and slot movies at the bottom:

Peppermill Reno Review ... see if they service your city, it's worth a look.

Two roundtrip air, 2 nights in hotel, $250 from my NW city
Two $100 free slot play -$200
One $10 meal voucher any restaurant -$10

Total cost so far $40

Two $10 match play any table game, keno, sportsbook
Two $10 off tourney play: Tuesday BJ, Wed pai go

Total cost $00.00

"Free slot play' is for first time enrollees in the Passport Club (club card)

How it works is this: Any money you lose in your first hour of slot play is guaranteed up to $100. Strategy: High roll slots for first hour or first $100, whichever comes first.

My girl was up a little over $500 at the end of the hour so didn't use her 'insurance'. I was up and down but being a high variance guy went for the gusto. I eventually lost $100 and pulled my card for the rest of the hour.

Can't remember the name of my back-breaker, but it was a 'what you see is what you get' $1 video slot mixed in with the reels. It had five columns and (I think) 5 rows. $1 buys the first column, $2 first and second, etc. any number that appears in a purchased column pays. Best case scenario (not counting multiple numbers in any given column) is $5k on a $5 bet. I chased it to nada.

Then back to the rewards desk and they add $100 credit to the club card. Go to a machine punch in you PIN, transfer funds from card to machine and play.

If you transfer $100 all at once to a particular machine you will have to play through the $100 once before you can cash in winnings. I put in ten, played thru 1x and cashed out balance. All but one time I got my money out. It can be a little confusing. One time a got a ten dollar win making my balace $18 and cashed out... it gave me a $15 ticket and left $3 in the machine, which I played through and cashed out.

More freebies!

A coupon book and $10 meal voucher are waiting for swavacations clients at check-in and when you sign up for the passport club there is another book of coupons.

All told there is a 50% off for sushi at the oyster bar up to $20
Two 2 for 1 tickets at each; Coffee shop, Island Buffet, Food Court, Sports deli

Coffee Shop - anything from 'comfort food' menu (see website for all menus) to steak dinners.

Island Buffet - Prime rib and Alaskan king crab, mexi, asian, desserts, etc.

Food Court - not too yummy, I'd stick to the American section there

Sports Deli - coney dog and meatball sandwiches there, pizza was sold out.

There are alos a couple of real nice restaurants there; an Italian ristorante and
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Also, although the brochures tell you, 'there are no points per se in the passport club, your play only determines your tier level' ask anyway. They seem to track actual losses rather than playthrough and the 'purple level' pays comp cash for food at 12.5% ie a $200 tracked loss will create 50 points cashable for a $25 credit at the cafe of your choosing. It would take $2000 in losses to get to the next level, where I assume the percentage is increased.

Free airport shuttle to and from up till 11pm.

Might put you in a non-smoking room, but the manager sent ashtrays anyway. I'd spend the extra $10 pp for a towers room next time.

42" plasma screen TV with web-browser ($6 for 2 hours inet access) in-house channel showing live bands etc. at the 'cabaret'. Check account, check-out, etc. Deep sea fish movies 24/7

Actually there are big screens all over the place showing nice scenery 'movies' from all over the world. The coolest is at 'Barracuda Beach' A freaking near Imax experience surrounding a bank of slots. The slots are on a small area progressive network that seemed to cycle out between 25 and $50, so if you hit a $30 win this whole 30 foot by 120' screen starts spewing coins and screaming winner ka-ching!!! Otherwise there are 'movies' of the SF bay, downtown SF, many Hawaiin islands, etc. Truly impressive!

Cocktails are a little slow for my liking - 15-30 minutes apart, but the girls are all friendlier than downtown or Vegas. Bright eyed and smiley for even a $1 tip. Bigger tips don't seem to bring them around any quicker, but most times I tip more anyway, they work hard! (and they're so damn cute)

Wierdness: Well, let's just say the place grows on you. It's kind of scary to think you could get used to the purple neon and freaky carpet, but within a day or two you can find your way around almost 2,000 slot machines spread over who knows how many acres. The maze becomes second nature and the visual meladrama becomes actually comforting.

Total trip cost for two:

Plane fair and rooms $250
expense and pocket money, stakes, etc. $600


Minus take home - trip cost... mileage will vary

In three days and two nights we couldn't begin to eat all the cheap good food offered.

Best: Crab and Prime Rib
Worst: Beef gravy anywhere but the Steakhouse was boullion-ee

Slot play: +/-15 hours for me and 20 for my gf

Jump up and down moment: Her hit on Cashman in the first hour.

Heart drops through anus moment: (beleeb id or nod)

Lojo: So can I put this $10 match play on 17?'s only good on outside bets-black red, odd even

Lojo: Okay, I'll just watch a minute

Croupier: 17

Lojo (under breath and in head): sh*t, coulda layed a tenner there anyway, woulda been up $350... I would just let it ride too... what's ten bucks. should I? what are the odds... 17, that's my number... nah

Croupier: waves 'no more bets'

Croupier: 17

Lojo: OMG OMG OM emmer effing G! that woulda been what, over ten grand? OMG

Five minutes later came back and played the 10/10 on black and collected $40 from my $10 stake... boobie prize

Roulette $1 min chips, $1,000 max. Minuimum bet is $4 inside or $5 outside

Played Keno on the way out the door while having lunch. $10 matchplay bought ten $2 tickets, collected $18 so made $8 there.

Conclusion: The place seems a little out of whack with the construction going on and stuff, but the people were awesome from the shuttle drivers to the manager. It's definitely a unique experience. An absolute DEFINITE recommend for first time players, and we will go back even without all the first-time freebies. They seem to treat the locals well and have a 'higher class' of them than many downtown joints.

All in all a big purple thumbs up!!! :thumbsup:

Pics here:


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Jan 18, 2007
Sweet deal in the mail the other day... three free nights in a new Tuscan Suite (400 million$ expansion) $100 free play, not limited to slots... well, what can a brutha do?

My play through is shown above.. you don't have to be a high rolller to get some luv some places:thumbsup: I wonder how they treat whales?


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Sep 26, 2004
How I envy you guys in the US. I would consider myself to be very lucky to get a quarter of your freebies with a much larger bankroll at the casinos in Macau or the cruise ships.

Pai Gow. My fav game. How well did ya do in the tourney Lojo?


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Jan 18, 2007
About ten minutes... I need to learn the game better. All in all I had about five hours of table play. I usually only spend slot profits at the tables... just a quirk of mine... single numbers on roulette, horn [email protected] just a quirk of mine :D

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