Casino responsible gaming ( )


Dormant account
Dec 17, 2016

This casino ( ) opened my account yet again. This time it was technical problem, they say. My account was closed properly permanent by myself. There is a menu where you could close account definitely.

Problem is that, I play about 270e and lost all, I have gambling problem and sometimes I lost control, like this time.

Casino wont pay anything back, because I play games, support even say that why I play? I tell him that I cant manage my playing but he doesnt understand that. He didnt realize why there is deposit limit or self exclusion. Why player needs self exclusion or deposit limit if he has gambling problem.

Now they say its own fault, but they opened account, is that my fault? Someone say get help, quit playing. Yes,I will do that, but I still want my deposit back.

I have emails what they have send to me and first they say its their fault, but last they say you didnt not request permanent closery, and then they say you could set self exclusion myself... And thats how I did it.

Thanks. I have allready make complain to curacao.