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Nov 16, 2004
Sorry if this has been posted before... in fact I know it has, but can't find it. Where is the list of casino reps on the forums, and specifically is there a rep for Gold Key Casino?

Thanks in advance,
Thanks a lot :thumbsup:

I guess I'm out of luck finding a Gold Key rep - I'll just have to do it the hard way and go in through the front door with everyone else.
Well,even if the reps are listed here,they may not necessarily reply to your PMs. The rep for prism casino did not respond to my PMs which were sent to him 2 weeks ago and now I am waiting for a reply from the rep for Phoenician. That is only for 2 days though.
Jody, from Harrods Casino, is the only one I've sent PMs to, so far. But she was very quick to respond (less than 2 hours, on one occasion :thumbsup: ).


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