Casino reps - How often are your T&Cs reviewed/edited?


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Jul 27, 2007
I am curious to know how often casinos review and edit their T&Cs, whether it be the general T&Cs and/or bonus T&Cs. Do you strictly adhere to what has previously been written as if written in stone or do you take into consideration changing times/circumstances?
I'll be the first one to jump in here.

In my experience once T's and C's have been approved and put up on the site they are unlikely to ever change. That said, there are a few examples where this will happen:

In cases where a loophole or error is discovered the T's and C's will be fixed to plug the hole. Thankfully these are relatively rare. If something changes in international legislation or trends then that may also result in a change (Not accepting customers from a certain area or removing references to a specific e-wallet for example).

If a casino realises it's terms are making them unpopular, this will also result in a change. For example, if nobody is wagering at a site because of their 100X rollover phantom bonuses and management figure out why, those numbers will go down :). This scenario is slightly less likely than the fist two as before any terms go live most sensible managers will carefully observe the competition and make sure their own offers are both fair and competitive.

Creating a new type of bonus can also result in large changes. You may have been offering bonuses a certain way for a while, then as an independent offer try something different. If it works well, it may be adapted to become the general strategy/rules. again, not as frequent as most casinos seem to find a formula that works for them and stick to it.

Start up's and newer casino's are of course more likely to amend or adjust their rules as they determine the model that best works for them, with the larger established books needing to re-visit them a lot less often. As an example, one major sportsbook/casino I worked for a few years ago amended their terms only once or twice in the two years I was there.

So to sum up, despite there being many reasons and cases where a T's and C's update may be required, it's not something that is done frequently or without very good reason. Most only make changes when they have to.

I hope that's helpful to you.

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