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was recently launched on-line, having been run as a fairly exclusive off-line affair for some time.

We are actively "recruiting" new members and, specifically, new members who can refer even more members. With our Refer A Friend scheme you can earn up to 2,000 for every player you refer and be eligible for all kinds of other prizes. Not to mention the chance to win 5,000 just by signing up.

Please take the time to visit the site and sign up if you're interested, and particularly if you can refer other members.

Feel free to reply/PM with any queries at all.

Thanks for your time.


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Actually, I gave this webmaster permission to post this.

Thanks for the spam alerts :thumbsup:


Dormant account

Thanks Bryan.

To anyone else - my apologies if this was considered intrusive or "spammy". There is a genuine incentive available to players my intentions were to share the opportunity as much as promote my site.

Just hoping to create a win-win situation for everyone and hope some of you can benefit from it.

It won't be mentioned again, I promise. :)

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