Casino plagiarising my own content

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Feb 22, 2013
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Been working hard recently improving some old content and re-publishing, and seeing some decent results, one thing i tend to do is check the results above and below just to see what they are doing and have a quick read to suddenly get that sinking feeling that you get when whilst reading the article it sounds like you wrote it...

I'm used to scummy affiliates stealing images, videos, and possibly content but not casinos, the clever thing here is that the article passes through copyscape and dosent flag up as plagiarism, but after spending around 3 days writing the article it's apparent to me that they have "relied" on it heavily and re-worded and simplified the text.

Below is just 1 of several examples of re-worded sentences.

What is Slot Machine Variance?

The term variance is a mathematical term to explain how far something deviates from the expected value (mean), for example a low variance slot should produce low and regular payouts from the spins and not deviate much from this pattern giving an overall fairly consistent return, whereas a high variance slot will have high peaks and spikes in the wins and often also referred to as volatile in nature.

What Does ‘High Variance’ Mean?

The term variance is used in gambling to relate to how far something changes from it’s expected value. For instance, a low variance slot would produce low and regular payouts, and not change from this pattern, giving consistent returns.

A high variance slot, therefore, will have a more unstable payout rate, with highs and lows. This is why they can also be referred to as volatile. These slots can still have a high RTP (return to player) but allow players the chance of being awarded a huge win from a small stake.

and Nektan Casinos wonder why i dont promote them, apart from them being utter shit.


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May 22, 2012
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Yes, I can see why the plagiarism is worrying, but even worse that they don't understand the meaning of 'variance' enough to be able to write their own copy rather than steal yours. It's frustrating - you can't prove it but KNOW the buggers have done it!