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Mar 15, 2004
in the heart of europe

On 11/15/04 I signed-up at that casino powered by NetEntertainment depositing 20 via moneybookers and therefore recieving a 20 bonus . After meeting the wagering requirements I ended up with an account balance of 55 that I cashed-out via moneybookers,too ..

Its been two weeks now that Ive played there and still they havent taken any action to pay me. I wrote various mails to their support (their LiveChat NEVER works) but I only recieved some standart answers like "we try as hard as we can to solve this issue....." but nothing happened.

Its only 55 but imagine I had deposited a couple of hundreds there?!

I therefore strongly recommend NOT TO PLAY AT THIS CASINO !
"Our Payments Department is taking care of your withdrawal. This delay occured because this is the first time you request a withdrawal. I am forwarding your information to our Payments Department again, so they can approve your request as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for the delay. "

thats the kind of BS I recieve as an answer on my enquiries - theres no change of the situation though.
Another Costa Rican *beauty* Looks like Turkish operators, though. None of this looks promising in terms of dispute follow-up, but Net Entertainment is a reasonable clean Swedish company and they might be prepared to put some pressure on for you.
Their support people are aware of this thread. Hopefully we'll hear something from them soon
They gave me some rubbish about how it they need to do checks on new customers but how returning customers get paid in 1 day. I've been waiting for two weeks!
May be they need that deposit from the other guy first before they can pay you! Cashflow problem or just plain drag it out in the vain hope that you would play and lose!
I played here a while back for the signup bonus, came out with 150 euros and went to make a withdrawal.

It took almost two months, but no worries, I e-mailed them and they said it was a one off verification process. I didn't believe it at first but turns out they were right.

Played here for the second time (again, for a bonus) ended up with around 115 euros, went to withdraw and it took less than two days to payout, I imagine this will be the same for any deposit in the future :thumbsup:
I'm the new manager at Parabol Casino and I found this old thread that had not been commeted. Let me first of all apologize for the old management that was late with payments but let me tell that during my investigation it was very few players that got late payments.

I have gone through the payments before 2005 and closed the last open dispute Parabol Casino had before I sent this mail and it was fewer than a dozen in total during 2004 well we opened in September. :) The biggest problem for Parabol Casino have been a lack of management communication and that have now been resolved. With new Management and Support we have also introduced a live chat so registered customers can have a chat to our support so issues can be resolved quickly.

huangshiren wrote

Just tried their live chat customer service and met a very nice person. He removed the bonus and refund my money in 5 minutes. I am really appreciated for his help.

I have many years in the business for several bigger casino operations and you can contact me at if you have any issues.

Best Regards
Johan Groundstroem
Parabol Casino Manager
Glad to see you are addressing these problems, Parabol Manager - you are hopefully also sorting out the Suipport and Accounting functions at the casino too.

With which online casinos were you previously involved?

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