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Dormant account
May 11, 2003
I played at this casino and lost about 1000.00
I continued to play and had great luck at blackjack. I decided to cash out on May 4,2003 with $3000.00 All my deposits were sent to the casino using Firepay. On 5/9/03 I recieved a congratulations letter from Ahnya Allen with the security dept. They requested a photo ID and also a copy of a picture ID. They provided me with a fax number. I faxed everything. It was 4 hours later that the security sents me an email saying that the photo was to dark and needed to be refaxed. I faxed it again. I then called the company. I was told that security dept. is out till the next day. I called the next day. I was told they they did recieve the documents and that in 24 to 48 hours I will hear something. I decided to fax my bank statement, utility bill, photo ID, and even my insurance card. I recieved another email from Lisa Lake with security. It stated that someone would get back with me in 24 to 48 hours again. I believe I am just getting the run around from these people. They advertise fast payouts. I assure you that is not true.
hi there casino man seen your post, it looks like the dead line for your cash out is 6 days, and I believe the casinos dont count week ends, at least most dont this is what i found on casino on nets web site.
The following is a summary of the Cash Out process:

"Awaiting Process" or "Accepted"* In Process** Processed*** Total
Credit Card Standard: 5 Days
Gold Member: 2 Days 1 Day 4-7 Days 10-13 Days
Debit Card Standard: 5 Days
Gold Member: 2 Days 1 Day 12 Days 18 Days
FirePay Standard: 5 Days
Gold Member: 2 Days 1 Day Immediately 6 Days
NETeller Standard: 5 Days
Gold Member: 2 Days 1 Day 1 Day 7 Days
PrePaidATM Card Standard: 5 Days
Gold Member: 2 Days 1 Day Immediately 6 Days
Wire Transfer Standard: 5 Days
Gold Member: 2 Days 1 Day 5 days 11 Days
Bank Draft Standard: 5 Days
Gold Member: 2 Days 1 Day 21-28 Days 27-34 Days

* Cash Out request can still be cancelled and returned to your Bankroll.
** Cash Out request can no longer be cancelled.
*** Cash Out request has been processed and is being delivered to you.
I dont know if you are a Gold Memeber or standard .

But I would like to take the oppertunity to say that casino on net has a good reputation and I beleive that you will get paid if all rules were followed ragarding bonus's and such .. good luck and chill till monday lol
okay I will chill till Monday. The last casino that refused to pay me was 07-ladyluck casino. After I was done with them they went out of business.
This group owns casino on net , pacific poker and reef club casino.. they do not have a trak record for not paying that i know of, there will always be some one in the wood work but there are no reports that have not been verified a flat rip off.. so put a smile on that face and think positive, " 3k that is somthing to be happy over lol let me know what happens .. best wishes
I will let you know what happens. If this matter is resolved on Monday, I will even go back to the casino.
I never had problems with them. i am sure u will get paid

But to be safe , play at william hill or casino365 or intercasino

you sure to get paid, plus william hill and casino365 dont have weird term, like u cant play this game or the next.
track, how u been, why u blowing my cover?

any way.

safe to me to play, i never had any problems
William hill
Casino 365
Goldclub casino
cherry casino
supervegas casino
highpoint casino

unless u a bonus hunter, stick to them
most of them are back by software developers or back by deep money sports book

dont play at no rtg back casino or playtec

track, hommie gave me my posting rights a while ago
This whole thing about faxing picture IDs is inherently flawed. You can't do this without the photo becoming unrecognizable. What I have done is scanned my passport and saved the image in a manageable jpg (about 80ks). If and when anyone requests my ID, I just send them a reply with this attached and there aren't any problems. They can simply open the file and print it out in living color.

For casinoman, take Bethugs advice or visit and check out the casinos listed there. Read how I select who is listed. It's a pretty safe list.

Oh and by the way, if you're still having difficulties today (Monday), please let me know and I'll jump in.

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Casino On The Net Responds,

Hello Jerry,

I am Malcom Jeffers and I am writing in response to your email.

I would like to thank you for sending me the documents. Please note that
after reviewing them, I have advised our accounting department to
process your cashout without any further hindrance.

I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation in
resolving this matter.

Malcom Jeffers
Security Supervisor
Cassava Enterprises Ltd.

That email was sent on Sunday morning. So far nothing has happened today.
What's wrong with Playtech bethug?? They have never failed to pay me, unlike some RTGs I've dealt with.
JPM just because you haven't had trouble with playtech, doesn't mean other haven't. I have had trouble getting paid by some Playtech casinos. And I have had bad run-ins on their blackjack switch. On Saturday I played blackjack switch 3 hands for $25 X 2 each and the 4th one for $35 X 2. And you know what the dealer made? 21 the first time costing me $50 and the last 3 times it hit BJ off the rip. I complain and swear to God not to fool with sunny group again. I did on one hand got 4 deuces on their poker machine. but lost in all back on that fake 4 21s the dealer got. And I will let you have my account number and password to view my play history. SUNNY GROUP PLAYTECH SUX!!! That is my Humble OPINION!!!
I agree with Murder1 . Before I played at Casino On The Net, I played at Casino Fortune. Yes this is Sunny Group and Playtech. Blackjack is terrible. The player wins about 1 hand in 5. And yes i play by the book. I got frustrated and closed my account.
That's why I asked the question Murder1, because I wanted to know why some are equating Playtech with RTG (an unfair comparison in my opinion). You're comparing the results you had in a single game (BJ on Playtech) with the attitude of an entire corporation and group of apparently crooked casinos (RTG). Using your logic, Microgaming would be FAR worse than RTG because their blackjack has the luckiest dealer in the history of the game. As someone else coined him, he's the invincible dealer.

I've played extensively at both playtech & microgaming and can say without a doubt that, overall, playtech returns more money than microgaming does (unless you're lucky enough to bag one of the 6 figure progressives) and in my opinion is more fair overall than microgaming. I get far more winning hands/spins on games at playtech than microgaming, and more substantial wins as well. That includes Sunny Group, Kiwi, NY Casino, & Club Dice. And each payed out promptly no matter if it was for $50 or $5000.

I've played both the bj & bj switch at playtech, probably at all the sunny group casinos as well as others, and found it to be very streaky. Either I'd have the same experience as yours & casinoman's, or I'd take them for a good stack of chips. The result, I don't play bj there anymore unless I'm feeling lucky. I WON'T play bj at microgaming, and will sometimes at RTG & Cryptologic. Both of those however have also shown this streaky behavior as well. None as consistently 'lucky' as MG though. I have yet to find a version of bj that I like to play online because I don't trust any of them yet.

I just don't think its fair to equate playtech with the rogue rtg because of a couple of peoples' bad luck on one game. I think there's a bid difference between that and a casino not paying promptly or at all, which is not something I hear happening at playtech casino like it is at rtg.
Some good points JPM. Realtimegaming software, as well as Microgaming and Playtech's, doesn't reflect on the overall actions of its operators and how they do business. It's a shame the RTG casinos have one of the best software packages out there, yet their casino managers can't be trusted in most cases.

The Sunny Group of casinos have historically been very fair and responsive. Sometimes they are a bit eccentric, but overall a good group.
JPM I Agree with you one the Blackjack issues. Myself I am a Texas Hold'em man. But Blackjack has always been my first. The computer is a calculator and the software gives it instruction. Like most Software you can fix the settings in the software. The same goes for casino software. Casino software is design to make the owners money. So it becomes a fixature when they deems it to be. Maybe the losing streaks we face. Are because the software knows how much it has paid off and knows when to rake it in. And we are mainly on the rake in side of the process. I have noticed that Casino-On-Net winning streaks are late and night. And through out the day its tough. Anyone noticed that? I have been tracking Casino-On-Net since 1998 and their head of Security Mr. Ed Silver. I wish they would fall and fall HARD!
9 days later and still no funds from Casino on the net. One would think they would want to resolve this issue. The last email stated that accounting is waiting for Firepay to confirm my deposits. I faxed my bank statement that has all the deposits to Firepay. Fast cashouts here.... don't count on it !
That could take a while casinoman. There's something weird going on with firepay these days, even Intercasino is making you wait for like 9 days before you can w/d any funds after you make a firepay deposit. You can play in the casino, but not in the poker room and even if you have winnings, you still can't w/d anything until it clears. I'm getting out of firepay, since this doesn't bode well I don't think.
I totally agree Murder1, you can quite easily fix any of these games to your advantage. I'm sure that some casinos do this, maybe legitimately with their slots, maybe not so legitimately with games like bj, vp, etc. I agree with the meister, RTG does have some of the best s/w out there, I used to play that pretty much exclusively until all these rouge rtg licensees started giving everyone a hard time. I think their paigow is the best out there. Its so unfortunate they let the scumbags run rampant under their flag.

That's interesting about the timing of the win/lose streaks, I wonder if there could be something to it. I suppose it could also be set to the number of people playing or in the casino at any given time. Ramping up when there's fewer and getting stingy when there's more. I'd love to sign up as a licensee of a couple of these packages and see just how much control I'd have over the software.
Casino On The Net does finally credit my account. It took a total of 8 business days and 2 non business days. Thanks to Forum Meister adm for stepping in and helping me resolve this issue.

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