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Sep 30, 2003
is it true that casino on net changed the w.r. to 10 times the bonus amount from 13 July? I have a hard time finding the terms related with this in their site... If positive, then July must be the month of w.r. changes ( upwards of course... ). Gold club, bet 365 and other I do not recall I guess... Will people ( u and me too ) continue joining the casinos and get bonuses when the w.r. go higher and higher??? I m personal frustrated with this matter.... Do you?
CON is running different promos at different domains, some of them are really nice (I wish I can get their $888 offer!) and yes, WR are 10b now.
Not trying to be Funny. But if CON is now 10X for bonus cashout. And a 5 day waiting period before processing cashout. They can goto hell!
Casino On sum it frustrating the hell out of me. I registered an account there about 4 years ago, but never deposited. I called customer service when I saw the $600 offer and asked if it was eligible(had to ask if I even had an account it had been so long). They said yes, I was and I mentioned I had seen one for $888. He SUGGESTED I find that one to sign up with. I did, made the $1355 in deposits and they now say I am entitled to a bonu of......::drumroll::.........$40. That is 20% of the initial $200 deposit. It's been days now and noone seems able or willing to fix it or carry out their word, so I wagered the $40 10 times and am getting the hell out of Dodge. Definitely has left a bitter taste in my mouth. I definitely didn't plan to tie up $1355 for god knows how long for $40.

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