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Aug 25, 2004
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Not wanting to be a sheep, I have been avoiding Casino on Net for the last few years.
Apparently they are the biggest on the net - and who am I to doubt them!
But biggest is not necessarily best - as I just found out when curiosity finally got the better of me!

I went to their home page and was immediately totally under-impressed to not be able to find obvious links to useless information like: What are their General Terms & Conditions, and what are their bonus T&C's...!
Eventually I found the bonus terms under an obscure link, and it says to qualify for the 20% initial sign up bonus, you have to wager 10x that bonus. Subsequent bonuses require only 2x the bonus to be wagered.

However, I often refer to for bonus info, and they clearly state about the sign up bonus:-
"This is a great bonus as you need to wager the bonus only two times before cashing-in. Roulette or Craps do not count towards wagering"

So I would be obliged if someone who knows could please answer these questions:-
1. What is the first time bonus wagering requirement really?
2. How often & how big are subsequent bonuses?
3. Do you think you get a 'fair game' there?
4. Why is their homepage so crap?

Thanks in advance!

1) The bonus did used to have wagering conditions of around 2x the bonus. It was a great deal. However, if the webpage of CON now says different you must abide by the rules stated. Never go on T&Cs printed anywhere else apart from the homepage of the casino you intend to play at.

2) Don't know. Only ever played the bonus and deposited one or two times more. I didn't like the software.

3) I personally think you get an OK game. This casino really is HUGE so I doubt there would be a need to fix games. However, I think I have read some threads about people doubting the fairness. Then again, which casino hasn't had something posted about them? Bad streaks happen at any casino but unfortunately this often leads to 'it's rigged' postings.

4) Who knows why the home page is crap?! Probably because they make enough money already so they don't need to change things ;-) This casino was pretty much the first to ever start up so they quickly got a good market share. They simply reinvested all profits into advertising which obviously leads to more players. Now they are probably one of the biggest casinos around and literally spend millions of $ on advertising. Just a trip around London on the Tube is testament to that. So I really the home page is crap because they don't need to make it better.

Have fun playing if you do.


PS. I sent you a private message.
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