Casino-On-Net : Complaint Filed With Directorate of Offshore Gaming



A complaint was filed against Casino-On-Net
by me with the Directorate of Offshore Gaming
on October 18, 2001.

The complaint states that Casino-On-Net refuses
to pay me bonus money owed from their September
26, 2001 "Shaken, Not Stirred" promotion.

The complaint also mentions that other players
have also not been paid money owed them from
this promotion.

I have asked the Directorate to investigate
my claim and the claims of others that have
been denied such bonuses.

The Directorate of Offshore Gaming is the
government regulatory agency for on-line casinos
licensed in the countries of Antigua and Barbuda.

For information :
Factorx, I think Casino-On-Net should pay you, but they may be able to sneak out of paying because the terms/conditions in thier email that said a min deposit is required that day.

The problem is that they did not list specifics, and that is thier own fault. Neither on the website or in thier email did it list the amount of deposit required. Then after the fact, they tell you it was $50. This was an unwritten requirement.

The big question is whether or not the Directorate of Offshore Gaming will force them into paying up.
I personally doubt this. Don't hold your breath.

Did you make any deposit that day? If not, you're in for an uphill battle. I'm not saying your complaint doesn't have merit, it DOES.

But regardless of how vague thier requirement was,
the email still said to make a deposit that day.
Casino-On-Net denied myself and other
members winnings due us from the September
26, 2001 "Shaken, Not Stirred" promotion.
We were denied primarily for failing to
deposit the day of the promotion.

Those of us who read the promotion at
Casino-On-Net's website did not see this
deposit requirement. And for good reason:

Vahe Baloulian , Casino-On-Net manager,
said earlier on another message board that
"The website you are referring to simply
displays the calendar of events." Vahe
also said "We always give our members the
benefit of a doubt."

The actual color-coordinated disputed
website promotion was sent as an attached
file to the Directorate of Offshore Gaming,
often called the Antiguan Gaming Commission.

The actual text from that file follows.
You be the judge.

Even before the Events...
As millions of people around the world, I was glued to the Internet trying to persuade myself that what I am seeing is simply a Hollywood show.
Alas... I was brought to reality by troubled looks of our employees who have relatives working in Twin Towers.
Fortunately, all of them are safe and sound and we hope for fast recovery of those who suffered and pray for the victims of this terrible tragedy.
September 17-21: Winning Streak at Casino-on-Net.
Every day, for five unbelievable days in a row, you will get $30 credited to your bankroll, simply by playing your favorite games.
It does not matter which game you play. Simply earn 50 bonus points, with a minimum deposit of $150, and we will l drop $30 into your bankroll by the next morning.

Even better: deposit through FirePay or PayPal, during this event, and we will DOUBLE your bonus, making it $60!!!

September 26: Shaken, Not Stirred.

Roulette aficionados will appreciate this tribute to the gambling artistry of Bond, James Bond.
Between 10 PM and Midnight European Time
(4 PM and 6 PM EST) these numbers will
rule the Roulette table: 007.
Anytime the ball lands on 0 or 7, we will double the payout. Place your bets on these magic numbers, take the risk and, who knows, you may be the one to "only live twice".

September 1-27: Wild September at the VIP Club!
Never before seen at Casino-on-Net! Ten VIP Members will be drawn EVERY day until the 27th to receive $100 / $250 / $500 bonuses deposited to their bankrolls!
Daily minimums of only a $100 buy AND 500 bonus points are required to enter this daily raffle.
September 28: The VIP Finals.
All finalists, those who qualified at least once during our Wild September promotion, will be awarded for EACH day they qualified:
$20 per day for those who qualified for 1-10 days (or minimum of $50).
$30 per day for those who qualified for 11-20 days.
$40 per day for those who qualified for more than 20 days!

Played this month, but didn't qualify at all?
We will give you a flat $50 as consolation prize. In addition, FIVE Caribbean vacations for two will be raffled between ALL VIP members who qualified at least once during Wild September.
All you need to do is gather 500 points, and deposit $100, this one last time on 09/28!

From Factor X : The actual color-coordinated
attached file can be viewed by sending an
e-mail to
Casino-on-Net on and by October 29,2001 placed
in my account the full amount of $3990.00 to
settle my ongoing disagreement with them
concerning their September 26, 2001 "Shaken,
Not Stirred" promotion.

For further details see new message thread
"Casino-on-Net Pays $3990 Disputed Bonus".

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