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Jun 12, 2006
first time i,ve posted on any forum, i have a drama with on online casino not paying i wont name the casino at this stage as it is in the early stages of going to court, in the mean time i am preparing some info in case i have to go to court the casino initially deemed me to be using a automated device to play blackjack I won $150,000 from a start of $1000 over two weeks i wasnt using a device or programme just basic strat and progressive betting and some self control, they now deem my method of playing to be the "device" hmm. i was wondering if anyone knows if a casino can scan your computer to see if you are using bots, i have offered to have them do this while i play but they consider the matter closed at least if i am aware of systems that can check my computer i may present this as a method they could have used instead of saying no one wins that much, i am also not aware of casino's objecting to basic strat and progressive bets am i correct in thinking this?
I have reviewed thousands of cash outs in the past, and have never come accross actual BOT play. First off the casino can not scan your computer to see if you are using a bot. Secondly even if you are playing a Bot, that does not change any outcome of the game. All a bot would do for the player is allow for more hands to be played, so it could help you clear a bonus quicker, but to give you an advantage to winning I doubt it. I would contact the software company if I was you, and see what they have to say about it.
The BOT excuse is frequently used whenever large sums are won thru playing BJ. As Phynqster said, even if robots are used, the outcome cannot be changed and so there is no reason not to pay out. Yeah, see if the courts can help you on this one. I await a happy post from you, Lucky 21 and hope that you live up to your name. Good luck!
Unbelievable - another amazing story of a casino withholding winnings based on bot play which does NOT provide the player with any advantage.

If you need some help or want to handle this in private, let Meister or I know by PM, or you can Pitch-A-Bitch when he gets back next week.
lucky21 said:
i wasnt using a device or programme just basic strat and progressive betting and some self control, they now deem my method of playing to be the "device" hmm.

Hi lucky

You are new to the forum and with you not having any previous background here it would be useful if you could give a bit more information.

If you feel you cannot possibly name the casino could you state the software used and whether the casino is regulated at all and by whom.

Could you indicate how many hands an hour you played on average and the length of individual sessions.

I agree using a bot has next to no impact on winning or losing for a basic strategy player on full concentration and with strong willpower. However, if the casino excludes bots in its T&Cs they are on strong legal grounds if they could prove bot play.

What disturbs me here is your quote that they consider your betting method as equivalent to a device. This is absolutely ludicrous and frankly would be outright theft by the casino and you would be on a winner if you could ever get them to appear in a court of law.

You presumably utilised some sort of negative progression system to achieve your great result. However, bet for bet, casinos make more money from this sort of play rather than flat betting. Therefore they should positively welcome players like you and be prepared to pay out when one of them hits a great lucky run as you oviously have.


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