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Sep 3, 2005
I just want to share my good experience.

I used to play a lot there, then I switched to MG. Yesterday I tried it one more time - deposited $60, immediately got $15 bonus(this is one of casinos where I am not afraid to recieve bonus, I even don't read T/C because I know I can cashout any time, if you didn't meet W/R, the bonus will be subtracted and the rest will be processed no questions asked). I played roulette all day long, made it to $600, cashout $500 and played with the rest, made it to $300, but couldn't stop, so you know what happened. Just in case checked cashout status - it was already in processing, thanks God, so I couldn't reverse.
So now I play with my loyalty points - $18.
Good casino for roulette players.
Funny, in Casino Club, that has the same software, I never have luck and never recieve any bonuses and no loaylty points..
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I'm glad to see that I am not the only person giving praise to . After playing other places, I realize what I have been taking for granted there. I also like how you can cash out any time, and immediately see your bonus converted to cash when you meet the wagering requirement. This is common with Boss Media casinos. also has excellent software and friendly+helpful 24/7 support. I've had a net gain of about +$1500 there, far more than any other casino.

My one big complaint is cash outs. You can only withdraw $500 ($1000 if you know what you are doing with Wedollar) prior to receiving a security code in the mail. And if you withdrawl gets filtered into a large win group, they add other requirements. They sent me the email below asking me to fax documentation to Sweden on a non-toll free line. They dropped this requirement after I contacted customer support.

"Dear {name},

Congratulations on your winnings at Casino.NET!

To enhance the security of our customers’ accounts and funds, we
occasionally perform security checks. WebDollar therefore requests that you
submit additional information before your withdrawal request is

For security reasons, we request that you e-mail or fax us a copy of
your most recent card billing statement (Mastercard #)
that includes the following information:

o Card number
o Name
o Address
o WebDollar charges

We also request a copy of your passport or driving licence as personal

Please make certain the copies are clear and all required information
is legible. If you do not wish to reveal unrelated information contained
in these documents, you may cross out information that does not concern
WebDollar. Rest assured that the information you submit will be handled
confidentially and kept private.

WebDollar Fax: +46 470 703070

To avoid further delay, please e-mail or fax the information as soon as
possible. We will process your payment request by normal procedure as
soon as we have received the requested information. You will not be
asked to re-send this information when you request future withdrawals.

Once again, congratulations! We apologise for any inconvenience and
thank you for your cooperation in our efforts to protect your funds and
personal information. If you have any additional questions or concerns,
please contact the 24-hour WebDollar Customer Support service using the
information listed below.

Best regards,
They never asked me for docs - maybe because I never managed to cashout more than $500? Or is it a new tendency in all casinos? :confused:

Actually, your post(Gambling Log) inspired me to remember about such good casino! Glad I did it! :thumbsup:

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