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Mar 13, 2008

I am contacting you regarding a non-payment from

On 03/03/2008 I played at the and deposited 800 euros, I received a bonus of 200 euros and I then played Blackjack and ended up with 4,000 euros.

However, the casino only sent back my initial deposit, and said that UK players were not eligible for the bonus.

It does appear in their terms and conditions, however I believe that they added this clause just a few days before I played, since I had checked their T&C only a few days before playing Blackjack this time and it wasn't there then.

When I registered with the casino, I entered my UK address, so the casino must have been aware of where I came from; i deposited the 800 euros, received the 200 euro bonus, and the casino let me play using this bonus.

I don't think that you have to be too smart to imagine what would have happened had I lost the money - but eventually I won and yet the casino, rather than paying me the winnings, or even deducting the bonus amount and paying me the remainder; instead they only returned my initial deposit

I have approached the casino via emails and have received no response. Max has also tried to contact them after I pitched a bitch but they haven't bothered to respond to him either.

I guess this is a big warning sign to all of you that you should not approach this casino.

All the best,

If the bonus was automatic, then this is rogue behaviour. If a certain player is not eligible, and has given the correct details, it is up to the casino to determine eligibility at the point of deposit.

This is bait & switch, casino give bonus automatically, and this then means that the player can NEVER win, only lose - yet this is only revealed at the point of withdrawal, and then EVERYTHING is confiscated, not just the errant bonus.

If casinos make a mistake, THEY should take the hit, not make up some way to take it out on the player. This is one of the Casinomeister standards for casino management, after all, if a player makes a mistake, they would have their accounts "adjusted" to correct it (commonly known as "confiscation of winnings").
If I remember correctly, dropped blue level UK players from bonuses near near the end of April 2008. If you played in March, the old terms should be applied. I'm curious why this issue is coming up now... months after you claimed the bonus and played?
hi everyone,

thanks for your replays

I dont know when the casino dropped UK players from bonuses. when I first checked the casino I remember they didnt have this term. I asked them when the term was added but they choose not to replay

the casino not only ignores me but also ignores the casinomeister as well which makes me wonder, how come they are not in the black list yet.

I had similar situation in few casinos in past few years.Only once I "pushed" and got my money.So my advice to you,is to presure them they need to pay what you won.

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