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Aug 10, 2005
Almost 2 weeks ago I made 2 deposits to The money did not arrive to the casino, however gone from my Neteller account. I wrote more emails to Webdollar and the casino support, but they still did not do anything.
I understand and accept there are such kind of deposit problems sometimes. But I cannot accept this kind of behaviour from the support. They could not do anything for almost 2 weeks, even did not inform me properly, what are they doing about it. Any suggestion, what can I do?
I think you may be barking up the wrong tree. :D

If you were logged into the casino and tried to purchase credits with Neteller, only to have Neteller upchuck on you, I'd suggest sending an email to Neteller support.
Bruces Advice is a bit misleading as i am quite sure Neteller cant do anything in a situation like this, except give you the transaction code for the transfer. The money has been transferred IF it says accepted on your neteller, and from there on it becomes the casinos problem.
However the first question i want to ask is that have you logged out and in to the casino after your deposit. Bossmedia Casinos like sometimes require you to do this to update the balance.

If it does say accepted on your neteller and the money does not update to your after logging in again get the transaction number for your transfer by emailing neteller support, and then mail it to the casino support and to including your casino username. This sould solve your problem.

kavaman said:
The money has been transferred IF it says accepted on your neteller, and from there on it becomes the casinos problem.

That would be correct, however... If a transfer glitch occured, which has been happening with NT lately, the money would be removed from the available balance and the transaction would remain in the pending stage until either accepted by the casino, or removed by NT.
Thank you

Thanks for helping.
The problem, is not that only I do not know where my money is, but that the support is totally useless. They write me always they will investigate it on Monday, later on Wednesday, but nothing happens, and I have to send new emails all the time. I don't understand, why does it take so long and why do no't inform the customer properly, what's happening.
Now I am going to chat with Neteller and ask their help. Because the casino support is useless.
I was thinking to open a topic about casino supports, because sometimes I wonder, how it is possible that lot of casinos exist with totally useless support. They ignore emails or once in a while they reply and ask my to be patient. If I need any help, then I have to send tons of emails or call them on the phone. Any idea why?

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