Casino Matron

Casino Matron

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I would like to briefly introduce myself - I am woman - I am proud - I am in charge now.

No more macho Casinomeister chauvinistic subjection. No more sexist robot - he was fired.

Enjoy :)


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Casino Matron, you're Hott !!! I'm glad you're here...:D...maybe we could meet later in one of the private group rooms (Oxymoron)...I know, but what can you expect from the man who named it that,...;)...and I really want to let my feminine side come out today !!
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RIP Brian
The ultimate takeover, LOL. I did a double-take this morning as Casino-Matron opened up before my astonished eyes....nice one, Bryan.


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Think the ass clown has finally gotten to you and you have lost your identity (there is help for this, see www.I-AM-WOMAN,lol) or maybe this is she as part of your siggy is the same....Have a nice AFD!:D:thumbsup::D


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Hi all i feel right at home for well today, as i have been masquerading as a woman since well the other week when cm all but branded me a chick i guess he was just getting me ready for april 1st, so thought full. :thumbsup:


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I just wanted to say....

....that I love you matron. It has been a long time since I have fallen for anyone so quickly. Will you be mine?



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OMG, I too took a double look. Took me about an hour to actually get the nerve up to sign in.
I ought to string you up by the b*lls! :p
All in all, what a fantastic one Bryan! :thumbsup:


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OMG!! I though we'd been taken over by hackers. Thank the gambling gods it's a joke. Matron, my a**.

You got us good, Bryan.


Just one more spin pleez!
Love the colors!

The colors are absolutely gorgeous! Just the right hint of deep purple with the itty bitty swirls....made me feel right at home .... kind of place :D


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Wow, what a wake up surprise.

Whew, arrived here this morning and thought I had been kidnapped and taken to a new Internet where women rule, but then of course they always have, they were just a bit more subtle about it. LOL.

So anyway, in order to post here, I went to Wal-Mart and bought a male sensitivity enhancement kit, and tried it. It must have worked, because now I have this strange urge to buy shoes. Lots of them.

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