Casino marriot not paying out


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Jul 7, 2020
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I won 800.00 euros on the 15th February and it is still on hold pending processing. I have emailed finance every day but I get no reply. Each day I also ask online chat and get the same response " be patient finance are very busy ". I really believe I will never see my winnings. T&C state 3-4 days to process and 5-7 to hit your bank account. I have waited 2 weeks. Can anyone advise me please.
This is the only contact from them


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Jun 6, 2013
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Where do I start. Well I just had a look at their website. And wow I noticed a few errors too. Like for example, if you scroll down to the bottom


Where you see the Finance Department: Contact email address........ So they have another domain name too and when you click that, it is a broken link so it then displays a 403 forbidden page as the actual html link code is totally wrong lol.

Also the fact they have a Curacao License again is alarm bells.... I wish you good luck and I hope they pay you. But other than that all you can do is wait and see I am afraid. I would just add this. Please only join and play at casinos that is accredited on CM accredited list of casinos which you can find here: Best Online Casinos (2021) Updated - Casinomeister Accredited


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May 22, 2012
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Not much information about the casino that i could find.
Seems to be a new1.

CasinoMarriott operates under License No.1768/ZAZ issued by Curacao Egaming.

I couldnt find the license though. Fake?

Fake license claims at MonacoSpins, Play24Bet - Casinomeister - Forum
It's 1668/JAZ, a scam 'license' and rogue site. Sorry. No such license as 1768/JAZ. IF it actually uses that number, it's probably because they are aware the 1668 one has a bad reputation so they 'made a little typo' lol.

Yes, they have deliberately made up a fictitious license number to avoid mentioning 1668/JAZ. No such license as 1768/ZAZ.

They've repeated this disinformation at KoalaRoyal, another scam site from the same shower.
Associated as said with Play24bet, another scam site.

Again, to reiterate, @maxd already onto this:

Fake license claims at MonacoSpins, Play24Bet - Casinomeister - Forum
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