Casino Maden, Austria: European Poker Masters 6th - 15th October 2009


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Jul 2, 2009
Grand Casino Baden is holding a European Poker Masters event this October - an anniversary of the first event that took place in 1989. The organisers of these master events are hoping some new players can get involved and experience a well organised live poker tournament.

If anyone here is interested in the event, I'm helping InterPoker promote the idea of the tournament, as they are finding new ways of helping players get involved in these live events. Their Platinum Poker Tour promotion is one way they are doing this: 2,000 FPP's get you in the weekly tournaments that can take you to the masters in Austria, while 60,000 FPPs will get you a buy-in along with travel and accomodation.

If you can think of any new ways poker sites can help players get involved with some live events please let me know. Personally I enjoy seeing online players do well at live tournaments - especially if it means beating some of the wannabe 'rockstar' pros!

I'm planning a skiing trip to Austria myself around the end of the year - I may look at rearranging it for around that time - a live poker event might be another way to spice my trip up. :thumbsup:

(On behalf of AdsDotCom - 'WellsWells' @ InterPoker)