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Dec 5, 2013
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So i got this offer, deposit to get 100 free spins. Awesome. I made a deposit and didnt get free spins, as usual. Contacted their live chat and theres where fun begins. Chat lasted for about 1hr because she took like 5-10 mins to reply to anything i said. I know its a long read so tldr: i didnt get free spins, she couldnt credit them (?) and decided to add cash value of 100 spins which were supposed to be on Starburst™, Gonzo’s Quest™, Aloha! Cluster Pays™, Fruit Shop™ and Elements™... so obvious choice was to add $10 as any sane person would play their 100 free spins on Starburst, naturally.

In the end, as a sign of goodwill they added another $10 bonus to my balance. Thank you kind Aspire people ! Mind you it only happened after i said im gonna post it here and on ag so yeah. Definitelly done with this group for good but it was kind of fun though.

Katie: i am going to check your account again
Vedran: ok thanks.
Katie: Are you playing these spins?
Vedran: no i only played first 5 free spins
Vedran: then closed the slot after second set didnt want to go away.
Katie: Your account is showing me that you have not played these games
Vedran: which games?
Vedran: now im a bit lost
Vedran: nothing like making a deposit and getting to play 2hours later :/
Vedran: i have played first set of 5 free spins on Starburst
Vedran: if thats what you are asking
Vedran: 2nd set of 5 free spins is still waiting there
Vedran: for whatever reason
Katie: You said you played the first 5 free spins? I cannot see this on your bet history on your account
Vedran: i closed the slot because i didnt want to play them.
Vedran: thats odd
Vedran: just checked my balance and it says
Vedran: eal Balance: $10.06 Bonus Balance: $0.50 Remaining Wagering Requirments: $12.50
Vedran: which means it credited 50 cents i got from free spins
Vedran: if its not showing, then you guys could be in real trouble lol
Vedran: not everyone is going to be honest report it
Vedran: and report it*
Vedran: so there must be something wrong with your system or whatever
Vedran: regardless i wouldnt mind getting my free spins today though :p
Katie: Our system is working fine, you may check bet history yourself on your account to see that no bets have been made today
Vedran: sec please
Vedran: yeah its empty now :oops:
Katie: sure
Vedran: so where did i get that 50 cents bonus from ? :p
Katie: Yes this shows no bets were made today
Vedran: do you want me to play 2nd set of 5 free spins thats waiting there and lets see if it shows up or not?
Vedran: you can remove that bonus balance before i start playing my 100 free spins i got here for lol
Katie: There is no bonus balance in your account Vedran
Vedran: wait
Vedran: is this hidden camera of sorts :p
Katie: There is just real balance of 10.06
Vedran: jeez lol
Katie: No i can assure you it is not :)
Vedran: sec ill make a screenie
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Katie: Ok sure, you can send this to [email protected]
Vedran: twillight zone doesnt cut it -.-
Vedran: i just did it
Vedran: its in my previous msg
Vedran: just check the picture lol
Katie: I cannot this on the chat
Vedran: oh dear lord
Vedran: so now i send that pic and someone checks it sometimes today or how does that work
Vedran: why am i bothering anymore
Vedran: i bet talking back in 1920 was this frustrating. sending msg and waiting days for repsponse. good thing we only have to wait 20 mins nowadays.
Katie: we will be able to give you feedback about this
Vedran: awesome.
Vedran: when i deposit i always do it in hopes for feedback.
Katie: did you send the screeen shot ? i can check now
Vedran: sec ill do it now.
Vedran: sent
Katie: ok i'll check now
Vedran: kk
Vedran: keep in mind i still have another 5 of those "invisible" free spins
Vedran: and maybe more, no idea if it keeps going on :p
Katie: Please play your starburst spins
Vedran: done
Vedran: balance says i have 11.11 now
Vedran: Bonus Balance: $1.05 Remaining Wagering Requirments: $26.25
Vedran: game history is still emty though.
Vedran: empty*
Vedran: hola.
Katie: I am going to cash value of the 100 spins ok Vedran?
Vedran: yeah thats ok too i suppose if its elements cash value as obviously i wasnt planning to play starburst.
Katie: The allocated cash value is 10 for the spins
Katie: it has been added for you :)
Katie: Thanks for chatting with me. We are available 7 days a week, all day from 07:00 GMT – 00:00 GMT should you have any other questions please contact us on chat.
Vedran: great when am i getting another 50 free spins cashin value then
Vedran: 10 is value of 50 Elements free spins
Vedran: promo was kinda... get 100 free spins, not 50. or value of 50 spins either.
Katie: As i stated, The allocated cash value is 10 for the spins
Vedran: thats amazing
Vedran: so i had to wait 1hr here
Vedran: as your promo isnt working
Vedran: and now as a sign of ... punishment i get 1/2 of value i deposit for?
Vedran: i know you guys have horrible reviews everywhere
Vedran: but this one takes the cake.
Vedran: how about this
Vedran: your remove all bonus balance from my account
Vedran: i cashout my tenner
Katie: this is not a sign of 'punishment' Vedran
Vedran: and close all my aspire accounts?
Vedran: no its sign of appreciation obviously
Katie: Vedran
Vedran: getting 50% value of promo because you cant sort things out
Vedran: feels very rewarding.
Vedran: Katie.
Vedran: no seriously its unreal
Katie: please understand that i have tried to the best of my ability to help you with this. The allocated amount is 10 for the cash value of 100 spins, i cannot add you anymore
Vedran: if somoene opened a topic with this chat on casinomeister
Vedran: i wouldnt believe its true lol
Katie: i am sorry you feel this way
Vedran: its ok now i dont want any bonus
Vedran: i just want it gone
Vedran: so i can cashout my tenner
Vedran: and close my accounts
Vedran: and obviously going to post this on Casinomeister and Askgamblers, nothing to feel sorry about not a big deal
Vedran: i just dont like being taken for a fool thats all.
Katie: As a gesture of goodwill, this one time i am going to add you another 10 Vedren
Vedran: goodwill? you cant be real.
Vedran: i had a promo that was supposed to be $20 value
Vedran: now as a sign of goodwill, and because you cant sort your stuff out
Vedran: im getting... $20 as a sign of goodwill?
Vedran: awesome.
Vedran: so kind of you, thank you Katie.

Seriously, out of all possible buyers you had to sell it to Karamba and Aspire? Obviously not going back there ever again but what a fall from grace it is.


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May 13, 2014
You little BEAUTY!

If ever we meet, the first few beers are on me!


Well above is exactly what I predicted when I got the very same offer. So, SO SOOOOOOOO glad I avoided that, I'd have blown a gasket for sure :oops:

Went on chat last night to double, treble check before committing my last deposit of the week.

First response took about 5 minutes and the information was totally incorrect! - That was enough for me, ciao!

I went to politely end the chat but for some reason my PC froze and shut down (never happened before) so came to the conclusion it must have some BS detector built into the OS.

Either way I avoided what you went thru and felt so much better for it lmao!

Have a good one , Cheers!


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Aug 25, 2013
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There are so many casino's lately changing hands and moving to different groups.
Meant to improve things for us as customers and all i find is the majority that has changed has gone downhill rapidly.
Stopped playing at Luck,next,Redbet simply as these casino's in my mind have changed for their profits and not my bank balance or fun.


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Dec 5, 2013
far far away

i fell for it, again :/

déjà vu

definitely time to move on to greener pastures. it happened again and this time they didnt feel like i should get $20 value but offered me $10 because naturally, everyone who has a choice between starburst and Elements / Gonzo is going to play their spins on Starburst. What a bunch of jokers they are.

Please wait for an agent to respond, in order to start the chat.
We kindly ask you to hold a moment, we will assist you shortly. Thank you for your patience.
We kindly ask you to hold a moment, we will assist you shortly. Thank you for your patience.
You are now chatting with 'Katherine'
Katherine: Hi there and welcome. My name is Katherine, how are you today?
hello?: ugh hi there
hello?: ok heres the deal, every single time i take your deposit and get 100 spins offer
hello?: i end up on live chat
hello?: cant you guys sort it out already
hello?: so my problem is. got the offer, made a deposit and of course free spins are nowhere to be seen
hello?: last time i spent like 40 mins on live chat trying to get my promotion spins. for gods sake dont make me wait 40 mins again. thank you.
hello?: also, im still here.
Katherine: Hi there and welcome. My name is Katherine, how are you today?
Katherine: I apologize for the long waiting time... :)
hello?: are you a bot?
hello?: can i talk to real person :(
Katherine: I am sorting out the spins issue :)
hello?: ah ok thanks
hello?: you just repeated your first sentence so thought its a bot :p
Katherine: I am a real person and my name is Katherine
hello?: but seriously guys, if you cant sort out your free spins promo, dont run them until its good to go.
hello?: its getting ridiculous really. out of like 5 times i got the promo 4 times i ended up here.
Katherine: I know, and I totally understand that this issue is annoying :)
Katherine: I sincerely apologize for this technical problem with the offer
Katherine: Unfortunately I am still not able to add the spins but the value of the offer
hello?: :(
hello?: awesome promo.
Katherine: I understand you, I do....
hello?: thats great but i dont understand why do you have this promo running for months
hello?: when it never works
hello?: and the worst part is, you guys know it doesnt work.
hello?: its bait and switch at its purest.
hello?: so whats value of 100 spins then?
hello?: 100 spins at 20 cents, should be $20 no?
hello?: its also last time i take your offer on any of your sites, this is really ridiculous.
Katherine: It actually does work on most of the accounts, but there are still many players who have troubles with receiving the spins
Katherine: The value of the spins 10 or I can add you 50+50 spins on Starburst
hello?: what
Katherine: I am very sorry that you feel this way....
hello?: offer was 100 spins on Elements or Gonzo quest
hello?: thats $20 value
hello?: not $10
hello?: i dont feel anything
hello?: i want what promo was about
hello?: i dont want you guys trying to scam me
hello?: i made a deposit and wanted to play 100 spins on Gonzo which is 20c a spin
hello?: now you are giving me 50% of promo
hello?: because you cant sort it out?
hello?: long story short, i want full promo not 1/2 of it.
Katherine: We are not trying to scam you, Verda...
Katherine: The over all value of the promotion given all the games that are included in this promotion, is 10
hello?: jesus what happened to old Casino luck why did it have to end up in scuh a messed place
hello?: no
hello?: value is 100 spins on gonzo
hello?: 100 x 20 cents
hello?: is not $10
hello?: how is that $10?
hello?: if it was 100 spins on starburst only, i wouldnt have deposited at all.
hello?: Hey Vedran, Come and play at CasinoLuck today and when you make your 1st deposit of the day, we’ll instantly give you 100 SPINS... To enjoy on Starburst™, Gonzo’s Quest™, Aloha! Cluster Pays™, Fruit Shop™ and Elements™.
hello?: there is your promo.
Katherine: On other games the value is 1-
Katherine: 10*
hello?: i dont care about other game
hello?: i didnt want to play other game
hello?: i wanted to play 20 cents game
hello?: you cant tell me i wanted to play 10 cents instead of 20 cents game lol
hello?: now this is getting even more ridiculous
Katherine: Yes, but the value of the spins is combined by the value of all the games
hello?: no value of spins i wanted to play, and i deposited to play
hello?: was 20 x 100 spins
hello?: now you cant get me my free spins
hello?: fine
hello?: but you cant tell me i wanted to play Starburst and not Gonzo
hello?: thats unreal.
Katherine: I am sorry, but this is the total value set to the promotion
hello?: you people are unreal
hello?: so total value of 100 spins at 20 cents is... $10?
Katherine: In this certain promotion yes

Katherine: Is there anything else I can assist you with? If not, Thank you for visiting us we look forward to chatting to you soon.
hello?: yes
hello?: i want either 100 spins
hello?: or $20
hello?: Dont feel like getting scammed by such a place.
hello?: and no in real world promo thats worth $20 to players is not $10.
hello?: ill cashout my tenner and close accounts here.
hello?: that you can help me with.
Katherine: Unfortunately I am not able to do any of them
hello?: thats fine
hello?: now i want to remove my 50% promo bonus
Katherine: I am very sorry to hear that you feel this way......
hello?: and leave this place asap.
hello?: how on earth should i feel
hello?: i deposited to play 100 spins at $0,20, which should be $20
hello?: i didnt get free spins. i didnt get $20 either
hello?: i got 50% of it.
hello?: i should be happy about it i suppose?
Katherine: If this promotion was only for Gonzo's then the value would be 20
Katherine: However there 5 different games...
hello?: but you give players choice to play on which game they want
hello?: i wanted to play it on 20 cents game
hello?: i dont care if there were 1000 games to chose from.
hello?: if it was promo with Starburst only, yeah id understand it would be $10 bonus
hello?: thats normal.
hello?: but this, this isnt normal or fair.
hello?: you chose slot with lowest value
hello?: and give me that value
hello?: who on earth would play on slot with lowest value spins??
hello?: also on that list there are only 2 slots with $10 value
hello?: there is one with $15, and 2 with $20
hello?: how is $10 average value then?
hello?: even if we go by average value
hello?: it would be $15
Katherine: Vedran the situation is the spins should have worked, as you know they didn't due to a technical error. Also due to technical restrictions i.e there is no button for me to press to add 100 spins on 5 games, the only options i have left are to give you 50 x 2 on starburst or the cash value
hello?: BUT that techincal situation is your fault not mine
hello?: why on earth am i getting punished for your promo not working?
hello?: one last time
hello?: i deposited to play 100 spins at 20 cents value
hello?: you cant credit them. you dont want to credit me $20 value either
hello?: now you want to give me lowest possible value
hello?: because your promo isnt working
Katherine: these are literally and technically the only 2 options available
hello?: fine
hello?: i want my $10 bonus removed
hello?: so i can cahsout my tenne
hello?: tenner
hello?: you arent getting even $10 from me anymore
hello?: and i want to close my account, instantly.
hello?: i dont need this $(#($ in my life.
hello?: gambling should be fun, every time i deposit here i end up being pissed off.
hello?: im done.
Katherine: I am very sorry for this, and I do apologize...
Katherine: i agree and this situation is rare and unfortunate, seems a shame to take a step like closing your account over a technical issue.
hello?: its not technical issue
hello?: your promo isnt working you dont want to crediti me value of promo
hello?: thats not technical
hello?: its scammy.
hello?: thats why i want to close account
hello?: i can live with technical issues
hello?: all sites have them. but this is more than just technical issue and its been going on forever.
Katherine: i am sorry i have been doing this Job along time it definitely is a technical issue with these spin working automatically today.
hello?: thats fine but my bonus hasnt been removed yet.
Katherine: But if you still wish to close the account, then unfortunately I can't stop you....
Katherine: I am working on it
hello?: i want to cashout my $10 first. so i want my 50% promo bonus removed so i can cashout.
hello?: thanks.

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Oct 3, 2010
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i dont play the free spins offer from them anymore, even though im
getting tons of mails every day from that group and the reason.
max cashout is 100 now on free spins offers :mad:


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Jun 2, 2006
i dont play the free spins offer from them anymore, even though im
getting tons of mails every day from that group and the reason.
max cashout is 100 now on free spins offers :mad:

And the other issues I have with free spins are the base value, I don't bet min ever, freespins are just a waste of time in my opinion, I have given up on bonuses all together, far less stressful and more rewarding knowing I can cash out at anytime.

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