ATTN: Casino Rep Casino luck - exceptional service


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Jul 7, 2011
There was a thread started a couple of weeks ago regarding payment delays to cards from casino luck due to issues with the their payment processor.

I was one of the players affected and have been meaning to congratulate (and thank) the casino luck rep Eric and the CS team who were amazingly helpful in keeping me in the loop about the progress of my withdrawal. In the end casino luck ended up returning my withdrawal to my casino account so that I could withdraw using another method.

Today I checked my email only to notice an email from casino luck CS advising I may have noticed that my 'stuck' credit card withdrawal had been processed and deposited into my account. Meaning I had been effectively paid twice.

The email went on to say that I did not need to return the funds and they should be considered a gift as compensation for the original delay.

I was in no way expecting compensation of any kind, let alone compensation of this value. I had considered the professionalism and communication from Eric and the CS staff enough in this situation and was happy to remain a loyal customer on this basis alone.

I just wanted to say thank you to Eric and the CS team and say how impressed I am at their handling of the situation and how nice it was to wake up this morning to see and unexpected gift in my bank account


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Mar 21, 2012
Casino luck is a good site, Eric on the other hand is even beter, I not had many dealings with him myself but only got to look at the threads on here to see this,

Always report a double payday, Most will give a good will at the least,