Casino lingo needs explained


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Mar 12, 2021
Ok. Can't stand the wondering anymore. I'd like this phrase I recently read to please be explained to me a bit more. QUOTE FROM CASINO- "we are willing to pay half of the deducted sum to the player, if all parties agree." END QUOTE
WHAT exactly is the deducted sum? Is it have of your original winnings? Or half of the little bonus given, etc..?


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Oct 6, 2020
Toronto Canada
Slots have long been dominating the global casino industry for decades. As you start to spin the reels, you better begin with the terms used in slot games. 1. Action: It refers to the total amount played by a gambler in a specific period. This includes the winning and losing rounds. 2. Bet max: It is a slot machine button that allows you to place a wager equal to the biggest bet in a particular slot. 3. Carousel: It is a general term referring to a group of slot machines that have common features. 4. Denomination: This is the credit value on a particular slot machine or game.

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