Casino LaVida. Terrible support with no knoledge


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Oct 30, 2014
Hi all.
I had an issue about 1,5 month with Casino LaVida, because their live support was claiming that their bonus are sticky and wagering requirements carry on to your next deposit. We resolved the issue with the help of the rep here and everything was going smoothly.

Unfortunatelly this is did not last long. Last week I made a deposit and found myself with a 95X wagering requirement.
After contacting live chat and after 2 days that they spent searching I was told that it was due to the fact that I did not finish Tomb Raiders feature.
Although I protested their claim on email, on live chat and on PM with REP here they completely IGNORED me.
After some days I thought myself to let it go to hell and play with the money I left there waiting for a response.
I zeroed out, not being able to complete the wagering requirements, but first thing I did was finish the feature on Tomb Raider.
After zeroing out, I saw I had enough loyalty points, so I redeem them for 10 Euros.
After playing some time and reaching 33.02 Euros, I saw there were all going to bonus balance.
I revisited live chat, was assured they will check the matter and answer me max in 48 hours.
3 days later with no response I made a new email asking what was going on. Once again no response.
Today since 5 days from my last attempt to contact them had passed and no one was responding I went once again to live chat.
I have to point out that they lack so much at staff on live chat that there has been no time that I was able to finish a conversation in under half an hour.

Again I was told that their bonuses are sticky and that they carry on, on the next deposit you make. I have bold this part
This is the last live chat I had today. Of course if anyone is interested I also have on archive the last 3 live chats and 2 emails I am speaking about above

Ioannis: hi
Candice: Thank you for contacting support, how are you doing today?
Ioannis: I redeemed my loyalty points worth 10 Euros a week ago
Ioannis: As I was playing all my winnings kept on going to my bonus balance
Ioannis: So right now I have 33.02 Euros bonus balance
Candice: May I please have your registered account number or email address?
Ioannis: ***************
Ioannis: I notified you about this problem I think 5 days ago, you told me to wait 48 hours but nothing happened
Ioannis: I sent an email requesting some answer 2 days ago, also absolutely no response
Candice: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.
Candice: thank yo
Candice: you
Ioannis: I am really hoping that this chat won;t last once again half an hour with no result in the end, as the last 3 did
Candice: One moment for me please while I review your account for you,
Ioannis: still here waiting
Candice: one more moment please
Ioannis: I am waiting for 9 minutes already, but I am still here
Candice: the reason why your funds goes into bonus balance is because you have been playing 10/4/2014 4:31 PM 7:31 PM Tomb Raider Secret of the Sword
Ioannis: We have already resolved this problem
Candice: The game needs to be completed before your cash balance can be restored
Ioannis: I have emailed and already told you about this
Ioannis: The game HAS BEEN COMPLETED
Ioannis: I have finished the featurwe
Ioannis: I am still here waiting
Ioannis: Any other ideas???
Candice: when was the email sent Ioannis
Ioannis: which one?
Candice: The one you said you have sent to us
Ioannis: 17 Dec 2014
Ioannis: the subject was RE: [3A6-1C1E8644-0292] Casino La Vida‏
Candice: I see that a escalation was sent to micro gaming and we have no feedback as yet from them
Ioannis: Besides the email that I sent you, in the live chat I had 5 days I was assured that you answer me in 48 hours
Ioannis: Yes but still I have talked to your live chat 3 times, emailed you and I have absolutely no response from you
Candice: one more moment please
Ioannis: fine, waiting
Candice: There is feedback from the queries department, you would need to wager an amount of 1651.18, before your bonus balance will hit straight into cash balance because of the game above
Candice: You have received an email regarding the information as well
Ioannis: That is not answer
Ioannis: You are telling I have to wager 1651.18 Euros for which reason.
Ioannis: ???
Candice: That is the answer we have back from queries department
Ioannis: Do you think this is an answer????
Ioannis: For absolutely no reason I am being asked to wager 1651 Euro???
Candice: This is that you had wagering to complete previously
Candice: That is the answer Yes Ioannis
Candice: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Ioannis: yes of course
Ioannis: Does the wagering requirements you have from a bonus carry on, on the next deposit you make???
Candice: How may I assist further Ioannis
Candice: untill all has been played through yes that is correct
Ioannis: Are you telling that your bonuses are stisky???
Ioannis: sorry sticky?
Candice: all bonuses received and accepted by our players, have a wagering attached to it, and it would be x 30
Candice: as per terms and conditions
Ioannis: yes but if you zero out, before completing the wagering, does the wagering carry on to your next deposit???
Candice: Yes it does, should it not be on 01
Candice: 0
Ioannis: sry what do you mean by should it not be 0???
Candice: when you read the terms and conditions it is all explained detailed to you
Ioannis: I have read the terms & conditions
Ioannis: I am doubting that you have
Ioannis: I am asking you a simple question
Candice: it means that if it is not on 0 wagering amount, you would carry it over until you have reached 0
Ioannis: And this is stated in your terms and conditions???
Ioannis: Are you sure?
Candice: As explained above Ioannis
Candice: Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Sry for the long post but it is an issue that has been going on for 2 weeks and I think I have made all I could from my behalf to resolve the issue but I don't see any other way to resolve it.


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Jan 21, 2013
in your heart
im not sure but i think there is something like this

i got 10 freechips in europalace i hit freespins on second spin win likw 20 odd it all went to bonus balance at that time i didnt care
because i was not hoping for a cash out i had a big win soon and it also went to bonus balance ...later when i checked my bonsu balance was like 40+
then i had a big win and my balance was 300 my bonus balance was 42 and in the end cashed out 1000

"i think it is like you have to wager the initial winning from the freechips or redeemed comp points too ie if u get 10 bonus the wins you get from winning till u wager 10 will go
bonus balance and have to wager too i have experienced this is some casinos .. some has its on their terms too


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Oct 30, 2014
Hi Muziq
This does apply to some casino for free chips but not at Casino LaVida.
The point is
1st. They totally ignored a customer, who sent them 2 emails, 1 PM at the rep here and spoke 3 times at live chat
2nd Although 1 month ago we were assured there is no sticky bonus if you read the live chat the support states clearly that if you don't clear your bonus the wagering carries on to your next deposit


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Jan 21, 2013
in your heart
well in my experience redflush host "rithen " is awesome and always helped

had some good wins at lavida and redflush no problems whats over

never experience ant sticky bonus either well so far

but i see your point support seems clueless

my advise is PM the rep again he may have been missed your pm that happens too


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Nov 24, 2013
I also had live support at La Vida tell me my bonuses were "sticky" earlier in the month. Turns out that wasn't the case according to Rithen, but no one offered to look any further because I had cleared playthrough. I was poised to collect for $1500, I played it down to $1000 before my bonus was cleared (wasn't going to wait around for answers for days and days) and I reverse withdrew the rest....LOL
Funny thing is according to the rep, the only issue that was actually preventing my cashout was a bets in play scenario for 2 bonuses I had completed IN FULL, and provided the proof.
This was, according to the rep, what Microgaming was reporting in an audit. I had (bonuses) bets in play in Scrooge and Wealth Spa. I double checked to make sure I wasn't going insane, and I was right. I had cleared, completed and collected the bonuses weeks not really sure what the issue was. Do I get mad at La Vida, do I get mad at Microgaming, or do I just move on. I chose :)


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Oct 30, 2014
Hi bruinsdude
What is really interesting is that I have this kind of problem only on LaVida. I mean I play at 11 other download Microgaming casinos and they are the only one that I have to deal with sticky bonus or with a support that has no clue what is going on their T&C's.
Why do I keep choosing them someone might ask. Because for some reason I have at LaVida the best ratio withdraw/deposit the last 9 months.

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