Casino las vegas (playtech) related to Play United (RTG)?

Nanny Rose

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Apr 21, 2004
I was tidying up my PC recently and unistalled playtech's Casino Las Vegas. I decided later that to reinstall it.

When you download from the website it downloads in the standard playtech fashion. The problem is, when it opens its RTG's Play United. This is the most bizzare thing i've ever seen.

Does anyone have the answer to this? :confused:
Somethings not right, I just downloaded from google search
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and it is definitely 100% playtech and not Play United, somewhere your URL's seem to be getting mixed up, I would suggest removing all previous versions from your puter, clearing your temp files, in your url line type %temp% and it will show you stored ones that still exist after hitting the delte files button, after that copy the above URL and paste it in your browser and try that, it worked for me.
So I bit: I clicked on one to take a look. What do I see? JOYLAND right at the top.

Oh dear.

So just for laughs, I click on it - I forgot about the Joyland group "manic installer" trick. I had to attack the "cancel" button on the auto-installer at least ten times in QUICK succession to stop Joyland from downloading. I also couldn't get rid of the page for some time - it just sticks on the screen somehow.

What filthy, underhand techniques these people use. They literally do anything they can to get their casino on your computer ANY way they can. Just filthy.

Keep up the good work, senolcemrem.
Yes,it is difficult to cancel when you start to download.
But I like there.Everything is good in there.
So they can do small mistakes.
I hope they corrected this and be perfect.
Thank you for you opinions,caruso.

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I have had the -very- same thing to happen just a couple days ago, Nanny. In my case it was not Casino Las Vegas that I downloaded, bt one of their sister Casinos.

I thought it would have been a Virus on my Puter or something, but apparently it was not.

odd, odd, odd
Thank you casinomeister.
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