Casino land , funny rules :(


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Nov 5, 2008
They dint tell is this part of GiG or just share the license..

I remember that igamingcloud was going to get what players wanted .. One part.. But maybe some shared license casino can take what they want..

But it seems that only way to get match bonus is deposit via visa which cost some %.

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Sat 3/12/2016 10:54 AM

Chat transcript

Name: Mikko

Louise Sat, 03/12/16 08:45:07 am UTC

Good day! How may I help you?

Mikko 08:45:31 am

hi, where my first deposit match goed?

Louise 08:45:54 am

Good morning Mikko, let me check your account.

Mikko 08:46:00 am


Louise 08:47:32 am

After reviewing your account I can see that you have made the deposit via Neteller. As within clause 19 on the terms and conditions of the bonus, any deposit made via neteller cannot claim the welcome bonus
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Mikko 08:47:54 am

Well i deposit via skrill

Louise 08:48:47 am

Sorry the terms and conditions is for both skrill and neteller.

Mikko 08:48:55 am

Is This owned from GIG , or indepented casino?
Or is this owned licence witch igamingcloud is selling..

Louise 08:51:43 am

All our sister sites can be found on
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Oct 14, 2004
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This is quite common, discriminatory, and is usually buried in the small print even though no mention in the big landing page and email advertising that the offers are only valid for "selected deposit methods".

It's almost unique to the casino industry. It's rare to find different prices for goods and services depending on method of payment in the real world, unless flying with Ryanair:D

It was more common a while ago to be able to get a "discount for paying cash" if you asked, but what shops could NEVER get away with (legally) is swapping the specification of what you had purchased after you had paid, and then telling you that you should have read the small sign in the shop window informing you that if you paid in a certain way, your goods would be substituted for a lower specification alternative.

Many players who don't understand how things work here get caught out like this.

Players who use things like Neteller should check for "Neteller hating" clauses in the terms. It's not clear cut, because there are also "Neteller loving, card hating" casinos where the situation is reserved. There are also quirks with other deposit methods. Sometimes, whether your card is VISA or MasterCard can make a difference, especially when it comes to withdrawals. Some casinos will ONLY pay by cheque or bank transfer if MasterCard has been used as a deposit method, but will allow a little more flexibility with VISA.