Casino La Vida Its a joke


Newbie member
Sep 14, 2009
Its a joke,it must be they wouldn't do this,but they did.Deposit $50 and get 50 free spins,this pro is out about 3 times a week and i was loving it.I have had 50 free spins on lots of games,most times on 25 lines by 2 credits.O but today was a ==== joke free spins on harveys 2 lines at 10 c a line for 50 free spins.

2 f===== lines,what are you guys thinking.Who wont's to play 2 lines on a 25 line game,and what fun watch the big one on line 3.

Im in total shock:eek::eek::eek:



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May 13, 2009
This is really upsetting, I don't like these either. Anyway this is one of their most powerful strategy to charm you in. They give you the thrill of the gaming experience, but of course, they won't be in too much risk, because on 2 lines most likely you won't win too much. But you will miss a lot of good combinations on the other lines, that you will see, but can't benefit from. You will desire of those missed combinations, and will give a go using your own funds. The fun mode has this role originally, but that is not powerful enough to charm people, so they drop in 2 paid lines, and the fun mode becomes a fake real mode. I never play these 'not all lines' promos, because the disappointment is bigger in the end than in case not using them. It's not worth for me.