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May 18, 2010

I recently registered an account on Casino King, after registration I had a livechat conversation where the livechat agent started to offer me special bonuses better than the standard 100% bonus on their website. I decided to go for one of the offers and she confirms that the bonus will be added automatically upon depositing.

I deposit, and dont get any bonus. Then she tells me I got flagged by the playtech system or something and wont be able to receive any bonuses. this AFTER Ive deposited. Shouldnt the agent give me this information before she promises me a special bonus? If I had known I wouldnt get any bonus of course I wouldnt had deposited such a large amount to get their maximum bonus.

My question is, is this standard behaviour by casino king? As I see it it was just a trick to lure me into depositing more than I intended to without ever having the intention to give me the bonus.

Ill post the livechat conversation here so you can see for yourself:

Anne: Hi welcome to Casino King
Anne: I'm here to assist you
Anne: how are you ?
Im fine, how are you?
Anne: fine thank you
Anne: ’d like to inform you that you will receive 100% bonus up to 100 euros
bregatta: yes I read that on your website:)
bregatta: sounds good
Anne: ;)
Anne: yes, and how much were you planing to deposit, I have some special offers that you could use :D
bregatta: well I was planning on depositing 100 to get the maximum bonus...
Anne: ok, yes for 100 you receive 100 :)
Anne: for 150 I can give you one bonus of 300, and for 200 I can give you 400 :), which one do you like
bregatta: hmm thats nice offers
bregatta: I dont know really how much i can afford to deposit
Anne: ok just let me know before you decide and I will activate the bonus offer that better fits you ;)
bregatta: the 400 bonus is that your biggest offer?
Anne: yes, for a deposit of 200 euro :)
Anne: most places give you 400 if you deposit 400.. here is for 200 a bonus of 400 :)
bregatta: yeah but I was just curious, is it possible to get even bigger bonuses for deposits larger than 200 euros_
bregatta: ok, I thought about it and I decided to take the 400 bonus offer:)
Anne: no that I know, it is an special offer, usually the top bonus for a welcome regular offer is 100 euros, but I have this special one for you
Anne: ok great I will activate it
bregatta: is it ok for me to deposit 200 euros now then?
Anne: yes
bregatta: ok
bregatta: I deposited now..
Anne: ok checking :)
Anne: Karl, I get this message from the system: Our automated system has declined your request for a bonus and/or blocked you from future bonuses This may be due to abusive bonus activity in other Play-tech casinos group. We do appreciate your interest in our casino and hope to see you at our tables, currently I cannot credit any bonuses to your casino account however you may deposit, play and withdraw freely and I will forward your username to the account manager for a review.
bregatta: what?
bregatta: how can you tell me that after Ive made the deposit and you promised me the bonus?
bregatta: hello??
Anne: yes I know, did you have any similar situation before? it says that you have abusive bonus activity in another play - tech casinos
Anne: is it familiar with you?
bregatta: no, I have played at some other casinos before, I dont know if they were playtech, are you not allowed to play at more than one playtech casino?
Anne: please send an email to the management, they will check your account, you can play for the moment, just need to send an email to, this bonus block happened automatically from the system..
bregatta: BUT why didnt you tell me this BEFORE I deposited, you cant tell me that I will get a bonus and then after Ive deposited tell me that for some reason I cannot get a bonus!!
bregatta: was this just a trick to get me to deposit?!?!
Anne: you can play in several playtech games, because many casino use them. Play tech recognized that you have other accounts, in other casinos and some issue with over using bonuses, but don't worry, you need to contact the account manager by sending email
Anne: Karl this is not related to the casino, our casino doesnt have information about you other than the one you just provided, it is a playtech who has blocked you from bonuses not us, that's why, the account manager will check the account
Anne: and will contact playtech to see why they blocked you from bonuses, and will make sure to solve the situation
Anne: mean while if you wish you can play or you can withdraw your money
bregatta: it is related to you since it was you who offered me the bonus!
bregatta: how can you offer a bonus that you\re not sure Im going to get?
Anne: yes but the system blocked you from bonuses automatically, all you need to do is to email the account manager
Anne: I have no control on playtech system, which is what we use in the casino
Anne: do you understand me now?/
bregatta: this is ridicoulus
Anne: Karl remember you can always just withdraw your money, or you can contact the management via email and in 24 hours they will fix it
Anne: unfortunately this situation is out of my control. I've done everything according to what I have to do. This is an issue that just can be solved by management with playtech administration. They have tagged all your information to block you from bonuses in all play tech casinos, according to the error message I see after you make your deposit
Agreed with 4OAK... Withdraw and run with your money. Maybe Playtech did 'Bonus Ban' you, but the rep should not be offering bonuses if they cannot honor it manually. Now YOU must contact the Manager... What a laugh:lolup:

I wonder how long before you get your deposit back..?

Good Luck..

KK - You running a new joint?:lolup:
After that I wouldn't even take the bonus if they fixed it for me.

I wouldn't play a single hand or spin a single slot.

I would withdraw to whatever eWallet was the fastest and take my money elsewhere.
That just sucks - I really hope that they will not put your money in a reverse state for several days and that u have to send in docs that will take days to rewiev. this is their mistake!!!
Just terrible.

I had the exact same situation happen recently at another Playtech casino. I contacted the KGC to get their opinion of this situation. Other than helping to expedite my withdrawal, they saw nothing wrong with what went down.

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